brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > > You've been given this reference numerous times, so why do you keep
> > > claiming
> > > that you never saw it?  Here is the complete article about the Gallup
> Poll
> > > which shows that, and I quote:  "Only 10 percent [of Americans] said
> they
> > > believe in evolution with no participation from God", and "Among
> > > scientists, only 5 percent hold the literal Bible view, 40 percent
> believe
> > > in theistic evolution and a majority, 55 percent, believe in evolution
> > > without help from God."
> >
> > Because the so-called theory of evolution has no room for God.  It
> > isn't necessary.  If God were a factor at all we would have arrived at
> this
> > point millenia ago.  What would even be the need for evolution?  The
> > existence of either God or evolution automatically renders the other
> > redundant.
> >
> > Why can't anyone see that?  You either believe in one or the other.
> Perhaps
> > at a stretch I can imagine some Universal Energy being in the mix, but
> > something with the Will attributed to your God.
> >
> > Wait until you die.  Then you'll see that I'm right.
> Or, as H. L. Menken said on his death bed, you could be wrong.
> Rich Soyack

He's 100% correct.

There's no way for him to be wrong.

And according to long-running polls, 87% of Americans KNOW he's right, only
4% have "no opinion"--and the dirtbag, scumbag feminazis, jews, niggers,
sodomites and other "liberals" and muds who CANNOT comprehend it are only 9%
of the population.

What do you think should be done about people living in this Christian
nation which spends  almost a TRILLION dollars a year for "education" who
STILL can't see the backs of their own hands?

John Knight

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