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> The "Torah" has nothing to do with the Talmud.  It's the jewish LIE that the
> Torah is the first five books of the Holy Bible written by Israelites which
> has enabled jews to pass themselves off as Semites, and even Hebrews, and
> EVEN Israelites.
> They aren't.
> John Knight

_Oxford English Dictionary_

a. The teaching or instruction, and judicial decisions, given by the ancient 
Hebrew priests as a revelation of the divine will; the Mosaic or Jewish law; 
hence, a name for the five books of the law, the Pentateuch.
b. attrib. and Comb., as Torah scroll; esp. denoting ornaments or 
accoutrements of the parchment scrolls of the Torah, as Torah breastplate, 
crown, curtain, finial, mantle, pointer, wrapper.
_American Heritage Dictionary_
To0rah also to0rah (tôr2ú, tÅr2ú, toir2ú, tô-rä2) n. Judaism.
1. The entire body of religious law and learning including both sacred 
literature and oral tradition.
2. A scroll of parchment containing the first five books of the Hebrew 
Scriptures, used in a synagogue during services.
3. The first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures.. [Hebrew tôrâ, law, 

I guess there's a reason that John Knight is so obviously a descendant of 
Piltdown man.

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