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Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>>The only approach to this is to calculate the 'well-being' of all
>people, everywhere
>Be-cause the Sufferring [absence of 'well-being'] of anyone,
>anywhere, 'communicates' in a way that ripples throughout Humanity.
>Extreme cases, like the the Suffering of the populations of Iraq,
>North Korea, the peoples of Africa, the people in impoverished South
>American Nations, etc., reaches, stealthily, into the Lives of all
>people, everywhere.
>Look at how our own welfares are being impacted by the costs of
>impending war with Iraq, impending 'nuclear' weapons in North Korea,
>the drug trade that folws out of the impoverished South American
>Nations [and Afghanistan], and see how, allowing the peoples of
>Africa to languish in illiteracy and poverty loses to us what
>could've been prosperous Business opportunities.
>In all these ways we are poorer than we could've been - our
>'well-beings' are diminished [to say the least].

It's this way - all the Opportunity that's just sitting-there,
unaccessed, all around the globe - be-cause folks who've access to
the wherewithal to grasp that Opportunity are prejudices toward the
familiar [PTOFA], with respect to doing stuff in familiar

In other words, they're "taking the easy path", which occurs as a
function of the stuff discussed in AoK, and, in particular,, Ap7
["volitional diminishing-returns decision"].

The problem is a simple one. There've been many courageous
initiatives, but they've pretty-much all 'fizzled' because those
who've taken such international initiative go into it without "NDT's
understanding", so, when they run into the cultural 'foreignness',
which is always there, they experience TD E/I(up), which they don't
comprehend for what it is, and 'blindly' and automatically 'react' to
it in ways that 'move away from' the stuff of the 'foreign' culture,
which 'moving away from' precipitates the 'fizzle', which,
simultaneously, initiates a co-reaction on the parts of the people in
the 'foreign' lands. This last thing happens in a way that's
proportionate to the degree of PTOFA that's brought into the dynamics
by the international entrepenures.

The thing that's necessary is to initiate such efforts by, first,
learning the 'foreign' culture - becoming familiar with the broad
spectrum of everyday stuff that folks in that culture experience.
Once this is accomplished, then, and only then, the next phase can
begin. This 2nd phase consists of teaching a group of folks in the
'foreign Nation about your Company, your products, your economical
model and goals, and showing them what is =Genuinely= possible. The
3rd phase consists of eliciting Forthright feedback from the Native
Peoples during which ways of adapting your Business preconceptions in
ways that foster a mingling of cultures while maintaining the future
hope of prosperity. This is a critical phase, and it's where the
'fizzle' usually gains it's inertia, because Business folks are
'stuck' in the ways that work in their own culture.

Anyway, it's all doable, but not without these 'steps' which take
into account the physical reality of how nervous systems process
information. This understanding is what makes
meeting-of-dissimilar-cultures flat-out doable.

It's 'funny'. I've encountered the Same-Stuff, from =both= sides, in
my efforts to bring NDT's stuff forward.

The only difference has been that the 'profits' entailed are, at
least immediately, apparant. So, it's like I'm 'foreign' to everyone.

On the one side, 'powerful' folks 'move away from' because they've
come to understand enough of NDT's stuff that they know it exposes
'heart'-breaking stuff in which they've been involved.

On the other hand, 'impovrished' folks 'move away from' because I've
no phase 2 & 3 capabilities with respect to them. So, it's all just a
big 'foreignness' to them.

So, I've pursued the way that's open to me, which consists of just
"ratchet-pawling" - over-shooting and under-shooting, repetitively,
understanding that, if I endure the short-term negative consequences
inherent, the correlated TD E/I waxing and waining will present the
opportunity for creative-convergence within other nervous systems.

Folks who look will see that the Guarding of Free Will is
built-right-in. I'm only providing Opportunity that would, otherwise,
not Exist.

What folks do with such Opportunity is up to them.

k. p. collins

>The thing that's been missing has been understanding that allows
>needs to be done to be clearly seen, so that it can, then, be
>In actively lifting-up the well-beings of all people, everywhere, we
>actively do the same for ourselves.
>So, if folks've 'wondered' "what's in it for [me]", it's this stuff.
>It's why I did the work that generated NDT.
>To lift myself up, through lifting everyone up.
>To Live.
>To be Truly-Human.
>The rest is 'just' a "volitional diminishing-returns decision" [AoK,
>Ap7] with a wimpy-low threshold that doesn't recognize the costs
>inherent to one's self - to one's own 'well-being' - to one's own
>prosperity - to one's own happiness - to one's own survival.
>"Happiness" - America has forgotten what's entailed in its pursuit?
>Anyway, that's why toe all-people-everywhere database is Necessary.
>k. p. collins

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