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>The only difference has been that the 'profits' entailed are,
>at least immediately, apparant. So, it's like I'm 'foreign'
>to everyone.

should've been

The only difference has been that the 'profits' entailed are
not, at least immediately, apparant. So, it's like I'm 'foreign'
to everyone.

Other typographical/lexigocial stuff 'fixed', and further discussion
added,  below.

k. p. collins

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>>>The only approach to this is to calculate the 'well-being' of all
>>people, everywhere
>>Be-cause the Sufferring [absence of 'well-being'] of anyone,
>>anywhere, 'communicates' in a way that ripples throughout Humanity.
>>Extreme cases, like the the Suffering of the populations of Iraq,
>>North Korea, the peoples of Africa, the people in impoverished
>>American Nations, etc., reaches, stealthily, into the Lives of all
>>people, everywhere.
>>Look at how our own welfares are being impacted by the costs of
>>impending war with Iraq, impending 'nuclear' weapons in North
>>the drug trade that folws out of the impoverished South American
>>Nations [and Afghanistan], and see how, allowing the peoples of
>>Africa to languish in illiteracy and poverty loses to us what
>>could've been prosperous Business opportunities.
>>In all these ways we are poorer than we could've been - our
>>'well-beings' are diminished [to say the least].
>It's this way - all the Opportunity that's just sitting-there,
>unaccessed, all around the globe - be-cause folks who've access to
>the wherewithal to grasp that Opportunity are prejudice[d] toward
>familiar [PTOFA], with respect to doing stuff in familiar
>In other words, they're "taking the easy path", which occurs as a
>function of the stuff discussed in AoK, and, in particular,, Ap7
>["volitional diminishing-returns decision"].
>The problem is a simple one. There've been many courageous
>initiatives, but they've pretty-much all 'fizzled' because those
>who've taken such international initiative go into it without "NDT's
>understanding", so, when they run into the cultural 'foreignness',
>which is always there, they experience TD E/I(up), which they don't
>comprehend for what it is, and 'blindly' and automatically 'react'
>it in ways that 'move away from' the stuff of the 'foreign' culture,
>which 'moving away from' precipitates the 'fizzle', which,
>simultaneously, initiates a co-reaction on the parts of the people
>the 'foreign' lands. This last thing happens in a way that's
>proportionate to the degree of PTOFA that's brought into the
>by the international entrepenures.

Why? Because it's the folks who bring 'foreignness into a culture who
initiate the 'rocking-of-the-TD E/I-boat' within the 'normal' stuff
of a culture.

>The thing that's necessary is to initiate such efforts by, first,
>learning the 'foreign' culture - becoming familiar with the broad
>spectrum of everyday stuff that folks in that culture experience.
>Once this is accomplished, then, and only then, the next phase can
>begin. This 2nd phase consists of teaching a group of folks in the
>'foreign Nation about your Company, your products, your economical
>model and goals, and showing them what is =Genuinely= possible. The
>3rd phase consists of eliciting Forthright feedback from the Native
>Peoples during which [ways are sought to adapt] your Business
>preconceptions in
>ways that foster a mingling of cultures while maintaining the future
>hope of prosperity. This is a critical phase, and it's where the
>'fizzle' usually gains it's inertia, because Business folks are
>'stuck' in the ways that work in their own culture.

It's at this 'point' that folks "invert" [AoK, Ap4} from a forthright
pursuing of mutual business goals to a defense against "rendering
useless" [AoK, Ap8].

This's 'unfortunate' because, beyond the stuff of the
relatively-localized Business goal which is entirely-dependent upon
it, that which is 'blindly' and automatically 'moved away from' is,
in itself, a worthy goal with respect to the going-forward of

>Anyway, it's all doable, but not without these 'steps' which take
>into account the physical reality of how nervous systems process
>information. This understanding is what makes
>meeting-of-dissimilar-cultures flat-out doable.
>It's 'funny'. I've encountered the Same-Stuff, from =both= sides, in
>my efforts to bring NDT's stuff forward.
>The only difference has been that the 'profits' entailed are [not],
>least immediately, apparant. So, it's like I'm 'foreign' to
>On the one side, 'powerful' folks 'move away from' because they've
>come to understand enough of NDT's stuff that they know it exposes
>'heart'-breaking stuff in which they've been involved.
>On the other hand, 'impovrished' folks 'move away from' because

for reasons beyond my control

>no phase 2 & 3 capabilities with respect to them. So, it's all just
>big 'foreignness' to them.
>So, I've pursued the way that's open to me, which consists of just
>"ratchet-pawling" [AoK, Ap5]- over-shooting and under-shooting,
>understanding that, if I endure the short-term negative consequences
>inherent, the correlated TD E/I waxing and waining will present the
>opportunity for creative-convergence within other nervous systems.
>Folks who look will see that the Guarding of Free Will is
>built-right-in. I'm only providing Opportunity that would,
>not Exist.
>What folks do with such Opportunity is up to them.
>k. p. collins
>>The thing that's been missing has been understanding that allows
>>needs to be done to be clearly seen, so that it can, then, be
>>In actively lifting-up the well-beings of all people, everywhere,
>>actively do the same for ourselves.
>>So, if folks've 'wondered' "what's in it for [me]", it's this
>>It's why I did the work that generated NDT.
>>To lift myself up, through lifting everyone up.
>>To Live.
>>To be Truly-Human.
>>The rest is 'just' a "volitional diminishing-returns decision"
>>Ap7] with a wimpy-low threshold that doesn't recognize the costs
>>inherent to one's self - to one's own 'well-being' - to one's own
>>prosperity - to one's own happiness - to one's own survival.
>>"Happiness" - America has forgotten what's entailed in its pursuit?
>>Anyway, that's why toe all-people-everywhere database is Necessary.
>>k. p. collins

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