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John Knight wrote: 

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>> Bob LeChevalier wrote:
>> >>Also it's irrelevant due to the fact that not even all Jews
>> >>themselves adhere to the Rabbinical form of  Talmidism any more than
>> >>all Christians adhere to the Popery of the Papal decrees.
>> >
>> >I merely threw in that comment because you and others seem to have a
>> >hangup about the Talmud and yet have no problem with oral law not
>> >recorded in the Bible, when in fact the two may be the same thing.
>> Well, do you have any evidence that they are in fact "the same
>> thing"?
>> Jd
>Of course he doesn't, because the Talmud and the Holy Bible are exact
>opposites.  The Talmud proclaims that Jesus Christ was the bastard son of a
>Roman soldier who was hanged on a tree for blasphemy and is now boiling in
>hot excrement, whereas the Holy Bible contains a slightly more "polite"
>description of Jesus.
>Why are these books exact opposites?  Because they were written by people
>who have been eternal enemies.  The jews wrote the Talmud and the Israelites
>(from whom most if not all of today's "Caucasians" are descendants) wrote
>the Holy Bible.
>The "Torah" has nothing to do with the Talmud.  It's the jewish LIE that the
>Torah is the first five books of the Holy Bible written by Israelites which
>has enabled jews to pass themselves off as Semites, and even Hebrews, and
>EVEN Israelites.
>They aren't.
>John Knight

For  some reason Bob suggested that the Talmud and the Oral Torah
may be the same thing.  Having offered no proof whatsoever for his
statement, I assume he is either trolling or in the process of being
assimilated into Jewish culture.


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