Magn Sares mscom at elo.com.br
Wed Nov 6 20:24:42 EST 2002

    Excuse me, Doctors...

    I am Brazilian and I have a son of one and a half year which he is the
most important person of my life. Unfortunatlly, my son got sick in March of
this year. He had a meningoencefalite. We spent forty six days in an UTI, we
were in the total, ninety six days in a hospital. Now my son is in therapies
in a hospital of  São Paulo called AACD for deficient children. He doesn't
get to speak, he doesn't walk, doesn't fasten the glance, he doesn't feed
more through his mouth and yes through a probe in his stomach. The doctors
of Brazil say that cannot define like him it will be in the future.
    What would I like to know it is if another road exists besides the
physiotherapies that he already does? Does some exist medicine to help in
the regeneration of the cells that died? My son's brain, can the nervous
cells of his brain be regenerated? Can my son's organism form other cells
because him a child is still? How are the researches with the cell-log, now?
Does some exist forecast of to use medicines or drugs with the capacity to
regenerate nervous cells?
    If you can, order me answers of those questions and any other
information that think interesting for my e-mail:
mscom at elo.com.br
    Thank you so much.
    (Magno Soares - Brazil)
    PS: The Brazilian doctors said that the disease was caused by the herpes

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