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>When this or that problem is resolved via TD E/I-minimization as
>discussed in AoK, the TD E/I-minimized 'state' is gated to this or
>that 'language'-interface in order to impart, via
>'language'-interface TD E/I-minimization, an energydynamic within
>external environment which will 'communicate' the
>that was converged-upon via the pre-'language'-interface TD

In the above [and always, in reality], " 'language'-interface " stuff
can come in the form of =any= motor stuff - the movements of an
Artist's paintbrush, a Musician's fingering the frets, a Policeman's
gyrations and pointings, as she/he directs traffic, a Fireman's
determined rushing up a ladder, a Paramedic's swift cut to insert an
airway,  a Questioner's jaw-hanging-down facial expression, etc.

=ALL= 'motor' behavior is "active phase" [AoK, Ap5, 7] 'language',
and just as all motor behavior is subject to learning, all of which
reduces directly to TD E/I-minimization, what's been traditionally
held to 'constitute 'language' is subject to learning which reduces
directly to TD E/I-minimization.

=ALL= 'sensory' stuff is "passive phase" [AoK, Ap5, 7] 'language'.

What's traditionally referred to as 'language' is just an instance of
generalized sensori-motor 'language'-interface stuff that has been
rendered efficient in terms of its energy-costs, which is just the
one energydynamic declaring that it is what uides evolutionary
dynamics, not 'chance' - just a synonymous instance of TD

The vast majority of neural information processing occurs at 'levels'
'deeper' than such 'interface' stuff, and happens entirely in the
'language' of abstract TD E/I-minimization. If one looks, one can
literally See this 'deep' neural information processing. It's all
right-there in the accumulated experimental results.

Grasp what's here, and doing so will make it easier to comprehend the
molecular energydynamics that I've discussed in recent posts.

The skewed-preference with respect to verbal-symbolic usage as
'language' [or =any= other superficial stuff] is [are] just [an]
instance[s] of prejudice toward the familiar [PTOFA, AoK, "Short
Paper"] that derive[s] in experience that does not include
understanding of how nervous systems process information.

Note well, there's nothing 'condemning', here - understanding with
respect to the manner in which nervous systems process information
just wasn't available to the 'language' specialists [or anyone else].

But what is unacceptable [because it Ravages Humanity] is 'refusal'
to integrate the understanding now that it is available - that's the
'refusal' that T. S. Kuhn laments in the passage from his, _On the
Structure of Scientific Revolutions_, in AoK's "Short Paper" section.

You see? The unfortunate thing, in Science, Politics - virtually
=all= Human interactive dynamics - has been that, when something like
NDT comes along - anything that 'supplants' stuff that's been
long-familiar - instead of "transforming" [to use Kuhn's term], folks
tend to be 'ejected' from the realm of Truth, and its seeking, into
'battlefields' of mutual 'recrimination' in which Truth with respect
to this or that becomes 'negligable', while folks 'fight-it-out'.

That is, these 'explosive' interactive dynamics have nothing to do
with Truth pertaining to the subject matter in-question, and
everything to do with the TD E/I energydynamics that're discussed in

When this or that long-familiar stuff is 'challenged', as I've done
in the case of 'language', such takes the form of TD E/I(up) within
the nervous systems of those familiar with the old stuff, and, in the
absence of understanding with respect to the manner in which nervous
systems process information, their nervous systems, 'blindly' and
automatically, 'move away from' "rendering useless" {AoK Ap5, 7, 8].
This's how and why the subject matter in-question gets 'thrown out
the window', with =almost= everything, subsequently, going to waste.

The only stuff that does not go to waste is that stuff which derives
in the one universal energydynamic - because it's Truth, against
which nothing can stand. Looking back through the course of History,
no matter where one looks, one sees continual convergence upon the
one universal energydynamic, in the analogous way.

All of this is Reified and Formalized in NDT, within the entire
spectrum of Human experience. NDT "removes the fog", "cuts to the
chase", "speaks plainly", eliminating the Waste, and it's correlated
Ravaging of Humanity, by lifting folks up in understanding with
respect to how nervous systems process information.

Yet, when I look, all I see, all over the place, are folks 'moving
away from' NDT's stuff, simultaneously, 'moving toward' perpetuating
the Ravaging of Humanity, not for the sake of Truth, but in
'blindly'-automated fealty to the Dictates of 'the beast' that
Lives-within nervous systems, Abstract Ignorance [the absence of
understanding with respect to how and why nervous systems process
information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization within
nervous systems which, nevertheless, do process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization].

That's not "human nature".

That's 'just' what's innate within Human nervous systems being left
uncomprehended - =ACTIVELY= - =VOLITIONALLY= - nervous systems
=choosing= [actively 'moving toward'] Ignorance, and all of its
Ravaging of Humanity, rather than 'moving toward' Truth.

This's the Fundamental-Essence of Illogic.

'Blindly'-automated nervous systems 'love' ['move toward'] such.

Do you See why it is that I cannot 'give-up'?

Do you See why I 'lower-a-ladder [of understanding] into the
volcano's crater'?

It's all I do.

I Ache for those who 'take offense', but I've Obligation with respect
to those billions more Suffering, for as long as Humans shall Exist,
in the 'pit' of Absence-of-Understanding - in the relatively-high TD
E/I-local minimum that's cavallierly, but Ignorantly, referred to as
"human nature".

So I Stand, even on behalf of those who 'take offense'.

The 'buffeting' hurts like Hell, but there I Stand, as it goes to



Just Understanding.

[Forgive me, please, for 'painting' word-pictures, such as the above.
The goal is to 'lift the veil' from the 'deeper' stuff, so that folks
can See it, and Seeing it, See everything else, See?]

K. P. Collins


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