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Fri Nov 8 06:56:31 EST 2002

"For One Who Crossed Line, Time for Payback Is at Hand", By JOHN TIERNEY

The article is a particularly-vivid example of how 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization adversely impacts all Citizens of the United States of America.

The needs of This Nation are forsaken as 'the beast' takes over, Dictating stuff in ways that're correlated to internal nervous system energydynamics, rather than externally-relevant needs-of-the-Citizenry stuff.

'politics' is reduced to 'feeling-good', with the result that the needs of the Citizenry go right down the tubes.

Advise to any Elected Official who experiences such: Let =it= be the 'talking-point'. If you are Serving your Constituents, and others gang-up upon you in ways that prevent your Serving your Constituency, then it's them who are forsaking The Constitution of The United States of America. Put a swift end to such by refering Journalists to it. [Journalists, let the Citizenry know about it. Citizens, expect the folks you Elect to Serve you, not their positions in the pecking-order of 'politics'.]

You know, breathe Life back into the Constitution by invoking Truth.

To Elected Oficials who'd resort to 'retribution': Yes, you are 'powerful', but do you think the Citizenry is Blind? Do you think that just because you folks get together to 'coerse' this or that which 'moves away from' Truth, your 'coersion' can, somehow make any difference that's in the interests of the Citizenry? To the degree that your actions 'move away from' Truth, the only difference that you can make is one that has Negative impact upon the Citizenry. Case in point: Do you think that the increasing National Debt is anything other than a sucking-of-Life out of future Citizan's hopes?

So, if there're Members among you who drag themselves to Truth, do not stand in their ways. It's them who will bring about anything that actually Serves the Citizenry.

K. P. Collins

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