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You know? It's just a groupwise, early-experience-coersed consensus that holds, that the way to respond is, "Oh deaar! How unfortunate. It's not my problem. You'll get over it. 'Time heals all wounds', you know."

And not only does whatever it is that the folks who've experienced 'heart'-breaking stuff 'see' go right on, unchecked in it's meancing existence, the traumatized person is 'locked-in-there' be the 'conflict' between the 'need' to take action that's right in her/his innate TD E/I-minimization dynamics with respect to the traumatizing memory, and being 'moved away from' by 'society'.

It all comes down to a "volitional diminishing-returns decision", the threshold of which is set relatively exclusively with respect to 'societal-norms' which ignore reality.

And folks 'wonder' why "nothing ever changes"?

Take a pill to assure it's so"

'Yeah, sure.'

It's non-sense.

k. p. collins
    Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
    "Pill to ease memory of trauma envisioned", By Ellen Barry, Globe Staff

    " 'I am someone who believes you have to do that really carefully, because if nature is giving us adrenaline at a time like this, there's a reason for it,' said Rachel Yehuda, director of the Traumatic Stress Studies division at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. 'If medication delays your dealing with the event, maybe you'll pay for it later.' "
    This anti-PTSD-pill stuff is an example of the unfortunate Ignorance that exists in 'neuroscience'.
    When folks experience 'traumatizing' events, the memories that they gain contain precious special insights with respect to the circumstances that generated their trauma. But because the way that nervous systems process information has not been generally understood, when they act on the information contained within their memories, folks who experience traumatic events are 'ostracized' by 'society' which is victimized by the prevailing ignorance. 'society' 'moves away from them because their behavior is relatively unfamiliar and, therfore, TD E/I(up)-generating. The result is that victims of tramatic events are victimized again by 'society'.
    Truth is that it's good for 'trauma' to be remembered because the memory induces folks who've experienced it to take action which, if successful, will act to counter further instances of similar trauma-generating circumstances.
    But, because of the prevailing ignorance with respect to how nervous systems process information, when folks who've suffered traumatizing stuff seek to act upon the lingering memories, 'society' just says, "Duh?", and 'flips them off'. The result is that the good that the actions that arise in the memories of traumatized folks is lost to Society, which is a huge loss with respect to what could, otherwise, be.
    My jaw hung down when I read of this 'pill' that's being 'engineered' to do all of this chemically. It constitutes an instance of doing just the opposite of what needs to be done. Take action to minimize the stuff that precipitates the 'trauma'.
    It's easy to envision rampant abuse of such a 'pill', amounting to a virtual dumbing-down of substantial portions of any population in which such drug use is sanctioned.
    Additional discussion, from the same perspective, is in AoK, Ap8 with respect to 'depression'.
    If such 'pills' were tacitly-coersed upon me, by 'well-meaning, but Ignorant, folks, NDT's stuff would've never been developed, and 'the beast', Abstract Ignorance, would've been given a free hand to Ravage folks interminably.
    I understand that what I bring to the table is 'Difficult'. But doing Science is 'Difficult'. That it's 'Difficult' has no business dictating that 'it shall not be done', or even attempted.
    "Here, take this pill, and you'll just forget all about it"...?
    'Yeah, sure'. Just bring our collective learning to a full stop because, well... "learning is streeful"..." 'Yeah, sure'
    It's obvious that there're dollar signs, in there, that are being put ahead of just plain common sense, to the detriment of all of us.
    This anti-PTSD-pill stuff is 'neuroscience' at its worst.
    Flat-out reprehensible acquiesence to Ignorance.
    K. P. Collins
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