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> >> John Knight wrote:
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> >> >> >Yep.  And some of the oldest parts of the Talmud are the record of
> >> >> >those teachings (and the rest of the Talmud is the commentary
> >> >> >to figure out what those teachings meant)
> >> >>
> >> >> >>For unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them: but the
> >> >> >>word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in
> >> >> >>them that heard it.  (Hebrews 4:2)
> >> >>
> >> >> >Which is why many or even most of the Talmudic interpretations
> >> >> >not be acceptable to Christians.
> >> >>
> >> >> Of course not.  You may not attribute the fact that Christians would
> >> >> never pass the death sentence upon the Son of God to hindsight
> >> >> because they wouldn't have passed the death sentence upon the other
> >> >> prophets that God sent down through the centuries either.  To not
> >> >> accept traditional Talmudic interpretations is no more a crime than
> >> >> denouncing Papal decrees.
> >> >
> >> >lojbab's ambidextrous logic is that the jews who practiced the
> >"traditions
> >> >of the elders" which Jesus condemned, which they later wrote as the
> >Talmud,
> >> >were also *Israelites*.
> >> >
> >> >But jews were the historic enemies of the Israelites, just as
> >> >were the historic enemies of the jews, so the only way they could be
> >and
> >> >the same is if you're a "liberal" who "feels stongly both ways" [read:
> >> >school prayer was banned, but it wasn't banned].
> >> >
> >> >The Holy Bible was written by Israelites about Israelites, and the
> >> >was written by jews for jews.  The two documents are just as different
> >from
> >> >each other as Israelites and jews are from each other.
> >> >
> >> >The Talmud claims that Jesus was an illegitimate son of a Roman
> >who
> >> >was hanged for blasphemy and is now boiling in hot excrement, which is
> >not a
> >> >slight difference from the view of Jesus in the Holy Bible.  It's
> >> >that the same race of people could have written both.
> >> >
> >> >John Knight
> >>
> >> And to top it all off,  Bob, in so many words is saying that the OT
> >> and the Talmud are one in the same being  "written" forms of the
> >> Oral Torah - (a pre-diaspora account and a Babylonian account).
> >> Obviously he has been greatly brainwashed by the effects of
> >> rabbinical literature.
> >>
> >> Jd
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Exactly.
> >
> >And the people doing the brainwashing were real experts at it, which is
> >even some of our religious "leaders" spout the same jewish LIES.
> >
> >But the Holy Bible is right there for all to see, which means that LIARS
> >like Billy Graham, who "apologized" to the jews when he got caught
> >the TRUTH about them, will all be exposed to the world, as well as to
> >
> >John Knight
> Just think where we'd been now though if Billy Graham, Jerry
> Falwell, Pat Robertson, John Haggee, Charles Stanley and scores of
> other Christian leaders had never come on the scene when they did.
> I shudder at the thoughts of homos, lezzies, feminazis and their
> "liberal" infrastructure of support invading the government 30 years
> or so ago.  We might even be under a Catholic pedofile church/state
> by now. Heck, we might even be a continent of ash by now for that
> matter.
> To see a couple of those boys back down so easily is quite a let
> down.  In fact, it's almost non-Christian. Even so, I've forgiven
> them for their moments of weakness and have no hard feelings against
> them or any of my other Christian brothers and sisters.
> Jd

Unfortunately, Jd, it's dangerous to be too optimistic about their agenda.

There are too many fundamental principles of the Holy Bible which they
themselves are undermining, under the guise that they're only responding to
"public opinion".  In the first place, it's not their job to respond to
"public opinion".  In the second place, what they claim to be "public
opinion" is far, far different from both the Holy Bible and many credible
public opinion polls

The net effect may be that they've done more damage to the moral fabric of
this Christian nation than many of the jews and "liberals" whose agenda was
more obvious.

Abortion is just one example.  There's no doubt about how the Holy Bible
treats human life, but these morons preach AGAINST the Holy Bible.  Do most
people buy it?  Absolutely not.  After three decades of their evil
preaching, even the discredited Gallup polls show that half of Americans
view abortion as MURDER, and three quarters oppose open "legalized
abortion".  And of the "right to life candidates", consider who LOST big
time in this last election :

81% supported by pro-abortion Emily's List LOST!
91% supported by pro-abortion NARAL LOST!
73% supported by pro-life Anthony's List WON!
64% supported by pro-life CWPAc WON!

"Legalized abortion" is "popular" only because they LIE and claim that it's

John Knight

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