BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> <> But I do dearly love the quandry that led him to write that
> <> second paragraph -- that 40% of respondants believe in evolution
> <> as one of God's tools, in spite of John's firm conviction that
> <> all his 264 million take their Genesis straight.  For some reason
> <> he thinks this theistic evolution option was `the answer that is
> <> "most like" their opinion', but that Gallup's Genesis alternative:
> <>
> <>     God created human beings pretty much in their present
> <>     form at one time within the last 10,000 years or so.
> <>
> <> was not.
> <>
> <> I can only conclude that John must believe half his putative
> <> Christians are as dumb as lard.  I, having known quite a few
> <> actual Christians, have a higher opinion of them than he does.
> <>
>         {...}
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> <There has been virtually NO instruction or education or even scientific
> <investigation of the simple fact that the world may not be more than
> <years old.  If you're a Christian who accepts the Holy Bible 100% as is,
> <no other source, then you really wouldn't know how old the Earth is,
> <there is no magic figure in the Holy Bible.  If you accept the idiocy
> <jew Carl Sagan as being somewhat credible, then you might not believe
> <creation occurred within the last 10,000 years, so even if you believe
> <single word as written in the Holy Bible, and believe that God created
> <you still can't select C), can you?
> <
> <You DO have an "opinion", so you can't honestly select D), though many
> <"Christians" may have done so anyway.
> <
> <You certainly can't accept B), if you're a Christian, which leaves only
> <choice which is "most like" your opinion--but which doesn't reflect your
> <TRUE opinion, at all, which is A).
> <
> Oh, stop it.  You're just embarrassing yourself now.  Not to mention being
> offensively patronizing to those Christians who knew exactly what they
> and, to your horror, stood up and said it.
> Incidentally, even the most rabid and unyielding of the Young Earth
> Creationists now routinely offer a figure of 7,000-10,000 years for
> the age of the earth, based on what they feel is sound scriptural
> interpretation.  You're way out of step with your fellow know-nothings.
> -- cary

But they cannot explain how a human population which would grow from 2
people to 6 billion people in less than 1,500 years, using the MOST
conservative population growth estimates known to man, growth rates which
birth control pill, widespread abortions, and atomic bombs, could possibly
be 10,000 years old, can they?

John Knight

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