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"The Not-So-Crackpot Autism Theory", By ARTHUR ALLEN

Quoting from the article:

"Few scientists believe that the spike in autism could have been caused solely by the thimerosal in vaccines, but in October 2001, a vaccine-safety committee at the starchy Institute of Medicine confirmed that it was ''biologically plausible'' -- though by no means proved -- that thimerosal could be related to neurodevelopmental delays in some children."


"Michael Williams, who has won millions in toxic tort settlements from pharmaceutical companies, was among the first lawyers to sue vaccine manufacturers, [...]"


"Past studies have shown that mercury's effects vary tremendously from person to person, presumably because of genetic differences in the body's capacity to protect delicate organs from it."


"Williams embodies the vaccine establishment's worst fear about Halsey's course of action -- which is that taking the precautionary step of eliminating thimerosal would be read as an admission of fault."


"For Halsey, thimerosal injury is a possibility that must be addressed -- but by science, not by the courts."


"If it does decline, we might have Neal Halsey to thank. If it doesn't, his colleagues in the vaccine establishment may blame him for stoking an irrational protest from the public."

All quotes © 2002, by The New Yotk Times.

Discussion [Prediction]:

Although mercury probably does more or less enter into it, it's not just mercury.

If it were 'just' mercury, then the Faeroe Islands Children would've developed Autistic symptoms at a correlated rate. They showed signs of behavioral regression, but not Autism.

When the dust settles, it will have been found [as is already known] that mercury is toxic with respect to development, vut it will be found, further, that such mercury [lead, all heavy metals] toxicity occurs in a way that's proportional to the rate of development.

This chemical ramp-dynamic "ramp architecture', AoK, Ap3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9] correlates with both the 'explosive' 'intelligence' of the early pre- and post-natal biological reality, and with the energydynamics stuff that I've been discussing in other posts that're still on the board.

However, it will not be found that the mercury hypothesis is encompassing with respect to the 'ramping-up' of the incidence of Autism.

Rather, it will be found that the ramping-up of the incidence of Autism is correlated with the ramping-up of the vaccination regime. The latter imposes 'disorder' within the 'explosive' developmental energydynamics, in a way that's analogous to the way that 'drug coctails' impose disorder within Adult energydynamics in the treatment of HIV.

In other words, it's the augmented combinitorics inherent in the augmented vaccination regime that creates 'holes' in the developmental energydynamics.

Further, it'll be found that diet, and other experiential factors, are a significant auxiliary factor with respect to the degree to which the augmented vaccination regime imposes disorder within developmental energydynamics.

It's all just another instance of the unifying energydynamics having not been comprehended.

Which leads to discussion of other, just as significant stuff.

As is discussed in AoK, Ap8, the need for Forgiveness is built right into the way nervous systems process information - because of the 'curved path' that 'learning' follows. One cannot 'perceive' that one has 'traveled' into a 'learning cul de sac until one comes up against the TD E/I(up) that discloses the 'walls' into which the 'incorrect' path-taken runs.

You know, a lot of what I post can be taken, by folks who encounter it only superficially, as 'constituting' 'retribution'-seeking with respect to this or that, but that's not it.

What's actually the case in what I do is that I raced far ahead decades ago, exploring many hypotheses, discovering their cull-de-sac-'walls' stuff, and what I've been doing is just warning folks with respect to the existence of the 'walls', and the correlated Tragedy that derives in their 'confines'.

Big Difference.

Again, read AoK's Epilogue [carefully]. It's flat-out unacceptable to 'engineer' 'retribution' after-the-fact of folks' seeking to discover stuff that's beneficial to Humanity - because, to the degree that such after-the-fact 'retribution' is sanctioned, it acts to shut-down the seeking of stuff that's beneficial to Humanity.

All such efforts should be aimed solely at assuring that Researchers, etc. do in fact Master the subject matter upon which the success of their efforts depends - that they do not, for instance, work in an artificially-delimited subset of what is known, and available, to them because doing so correlates with 'monetary 'profits' - in ways that put $-signs before Science. [I recently addressed one such instance - 'anti-trauma pill'.]

On the other hand, it also cannot be that Innocents impacted by Science's having gone down a learning cul de sac are dismissed with something like a collective "Whoops! Sorry about that." There are Lives involved.

Everyone has Responsibility within such dynamics to work-together for the Common Good - not 'profits', not 'retribution', not self-protective 'abandonment'.

My considerable 'fuss' with respect to NDT's understanding is that it makes such doable [even as it exists, simultaneously from all perspectives, as a case in-point].

K. P. Collins

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