brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Mon Nov 11 00:45:19 EST 2002

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>> <81% supported by pro-abortion Emily's List LOST!
>> <91% supported by pro-abortion NARAL LOST!
>> <73% supported by pro-life Anthony's List WON!
>> <64% supported by pro-life CWPAc WON!
>> I looked at only the first of the four advocacy groups you mention.
>> The candidates recommended by Emily's list averaged 46% of the votes.
>> Perhaps you will explain to me how forty-six percent indicates
>> "wildly unpopular"?
>First of all, cary, carrying 46% of the vote means that you LOST.

I've seen no evidence that Cary is a supporter of Emily's List.  But
even if this were so, 46% is not the under 10% that you have claimed

>Of course you "liberals" don't realize just how unpopular your "opinions"
>are, do you?

Al Gore didn't think his opinions were unpopular.  Nor did Bill

Or were they not "liberals"?


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