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Kenneth 'pawl' Collins k.p.collins at
Mon Nov 11 10:37:43 EST 2002

>The need for pursuing this 'side-trip' derives in my
>preferred way of attending school - sit in the back
>of the class, just soaking up everything, getting it
>straight, while simulteneously cross-correlating its
>stuff with stuff outside of the particular class -
>[learned, the hard way, that it's best to do such in
>the back of the class back in high school :-]

The 'back-of-the-class'-ness left me in a situation in which, even
though I took my degree with high honors, most of my Profs didn't
know much about me - no get-into-grad-school-type refs.

I've always been 'naïve' re. 'schmoozing' [being a "greasy smack", as
my Fellow Midshipman would term it], and my jaw just hangs-down when
I See how much of what happens in 'academia' derives primarily in

"Who cares if [one] does good work? Who does [one] know? Who
recommended [him]? How does [he] fit it with the way we do things at
this institution? [But I'll take [his] idea. Who will ever know? This
[one] will never become credentialed.]"

It's a lot of what drained me of tear-stuff.


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