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Our first order of business is to exile the jews.  Once that's done, the
rest is easy

If this poll is correct, then we already have a public mandate to exile

We need a 480 word position statement which White Christian Israelites can
identify with.

Any ideas?

John Knight

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The above are the words of the lone survivor of the
nigger Carr brothers, perpetrators of what has come to
be known as the "Wichita" incident. It is not the
purpose of this article to get into the particulars of
this repugnant example of what we as White males, have
allowed to become of all too many us, but, rather to
make the point that this young girls rationalization
for doing as she and the others (including two
ostensibly white males), were told to do by these
nigger miscreants, is illustrative of THE biggest
problem we face as a species. "I thought they would
let us live" is what the majority of White South
African's must be thinking right about now. They
overwhelmingly voted IN FAVOR of handing the reins of
power over to living fossils that outnumbered them 9
to 1, and we have all seen the results of that, now,
haven't we?

This notion, that originally must have been the
product of a criminally lunatic mind, that somehow, if
one prostrates oneself before hate-filled, moronic
sub-humans and tells them to "take whatever you want"
and "do whatever you please to me", that in the end,
their miserable lives will be "spared", says it all as
to the quality of the "people" who espouse such vile

In the "limbo" contest of life, it is the "good",
"tolerant" small w "whites" that seem to be out to
prove that there is absolutely NO LIMIT to "how low
they can go". These sick critters besmirch the race
every day that they are "permitted" by the scum they
worship, to breathe the same air as the rest of us do.

I know that I'll "offend" many with these comments,
but they need to be said. An honest assessment of what
and who the collective "we" are, is absolutely
essential to the struggle. We must accept, that as
racist revolutionaries, we will never have the
numerical "strength" that our enemies "enjoy". Thank
God, that the masses have never decided anything! Let
our enemies suffer the burden of carrying the
herd-animals on their backs. It shall be their

Any "man" who will not fight to protect his own women
and children, is of no racial worth whatsover. We must
not "dumb down" what matyrdom is, by expressing
anything but profound disgust with such cowards, when
they stand idly by, permitting beasties to "have at"
them and theirs with out offering even the slightest

Those who "volunteer", either by acts of commission or
omission, to be led like kikes to the "showers" of
Hitler's fanciful Roach Motels, are not "victims" in
the traditional sense. They instead can be likened to
folks who run a warm bath, disrobe, lay back "nice and
comfy", and proceed to slit their wrists. The only
difference is that that the former is a much uglier
way to go than the latter. In other words, those who
champion what this vile Imperial Corporate Regime
stands for, have chosen for themselves and their
progeny, the way of disintegration and death. In
exchange for shekels today, they issue "I.O.U's" to
the ZOG, in the form of their granchildren. In the
contest of life, they have proven to be unfit. It is
time we acknowledge this and move on.
--Grant Bruer

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