Voices of dissent: statistical hypothesis testing

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Nov 11 16:47:01 EST 2002

I'm =not= seeking to 'trash' anyone, any group, any field of

I'm just working to lift folks up above the stuff that wreaks havoc
within Human interactive dynamics.

Just  more 'Difficult' stuff that needs to be done - so that
erroneous notions of 'human nature' can be transcended.

You know?

The one thing, left comprehended, is the wellspring of "man's
inhumanity to man".

The thing to do with such Erroneous stuff is to eliminate it, no?


If anyone 'wonders', yes I understand that I'm damned if I do, and
damned if I don't".

Physics has been my first Love all my Life - can't even discuss it
with the Pros.

I know, I know... "I'm the bad guy".

What's Sorrow-filled is that, absent understanding of how nervous
systems process information, that's actually the 'appropriate'

Absent understanding of how nervous systems process information, a
lot of what I do is 'appropriately' perceived as being 'offensive'.

But Truth is that such 'perception' derives in 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization, not in Truth.

So, does one, confronted by the twain, allow the havoc-wreaking to
just do what it does, or does one work to establish Truth?

One works to establish Truth.

That Truth touches all people, everywhere, has nothing to do with me.
That's the way it's been since the beginning.

All I'm doing is 'rescuing' folks from the Tragedy inherent.

My 'crime' is that I Love folks enough not to 'move away from' the

Anyway... it hurts like Hell.

Is there no one, yet, who can see over the "crator's" rim?

k. p. collins

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
>I've asked to be allowed to post and discuss the image in a Physics
>place, but have not heard back, so I'll give the nuts and bolts
>It's stuff from Tapered Harmony [TH], which I've discussed,
>sufficiently with respect to what's in the image, in long-former
>posts here in bionet.neuroscience. They should still be available by
>doing a "groups" Google on "Tapered Harmony".
>the image plots the energy released from the nucleus during "beta
>decay" ["qBM] and during "electron capture" [qEC]. These energy's
>correspond with the 'compression' and ''expansion' phases of the
>"SSW->UES harmonics that are reified in TH. The image's plot
>discloses that there exists an overall, uniformly-varying,
>energydynamic, and it's this overall energydynamic that Determines
>the Existence of all 'matter', which is the stuff of the "natural
>abundances" in the plot's 'valley'.
>I refer to the stuff of the image as "Abundance on Wings", not only
>because that's what its plot looks like, but because that',
>pretty-much literally, the case :-]
>But [almost] no one in Physics will even talk to me.
>A tad on the 'humerous' side, no?
>'physicists' 'moving away from' doing Physics, just because the new
>stuff elevates TD E/I within their nervous systems, and they react
>the 'feeling', rather than Do-Science :-]
>Well, it's not actually "'humorous'". In the full extent of its
>ramifications for Humanity, it's downright Sorrow-filled - which is
>way I've got to do what needs to be done with respect to it.
>inflicted 'nuclear' weapons upon Humanity without even Knowing what
>the so-called "nucleii" are. And, yet, when Social Scientists
>to reach them with respect to their 'closed-mindedness', they
>the Social Scientist, rather than just Do-Science with them.
>See, for instance:
>K. P. Collins
>Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>>Case in-point: The JPEG image I've attached to this post Verifies
>>that 'quantum mechanics' is not a unique solution in 'nuclear
>>physics'. 'qm' is just coersed-consensus stuff.
>>This realization matters, but I've not even been able to discuss
>>concepts in 'physics' NGs. My posts have been Censored completely,
>>not on the basis of anything that's in-Science, but as a
>>of their 'divergence from groupwise coersed-consnesus.
>>That ain't Science, and any applications of Statistics with respect
>>to such are meaningless.
>>The image: It maps the natural abundances of all the known isotopes
>>in a novel way, disclosing that there exists a uniform =overall=
>>energydynamic with respect to which the natural abundances occur in
>>'valley'. Data were extracted from the TOI Isotopes database which,
>>when I did the analysis, was available at:
>>k. p. collins.

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