BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Mon Nov 11 23:45:03 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>> >Modern jews claim to be descendants of the Moabites, Edomites, and
>> >Ashkenazi,
>> No.  YOU claim that they are descendants of those tribes.  And YOU are
>> a LIAR.
>Research it yourself
>Almost EVERY jewish writing makes such claims.

There are no claims that Jews are "descendants of the Moabites,
Edomites, and Ashkenazi" in that site.

> >modern Greeks are direct descendants of the Greeks who built the
>> Actually this is quite uncertain, since the Romans largely depopulated
>> Greece after too many revolts, just as they later did the same to the
>> people of Judea.
>And where is your evidence of this?

Contemporary historians that recorded this:
>In the other Greek republics we find the same economic evolution as at
> Sparta,the concentration of landed property, the advance of
> inequality, cultivation by slaves, whose number is continually
> increasing; and finally depopulation. When Greece became a Roman
> province it was transformed into a desert, where the flocks wandered
> at will, and wild beasts lurked in the ruins of temples and cities.
> At the end of the first century of our era, the population was so
> reduced-that the whole of Greece could hardly produce 3,000 fully
> armed warriors, the number which Megara alone sent to the battle of
> Platea. Equality was the basis of Greek democracies; inequality was
> their ruin.(5) 

Corinth was levelled in 145 BC; Delos in 69BC, Rhodes by Caesar in

By the way, here are the words of the Emperor Augustus on the 3
censuses that he took (see paragraph 8).

>> Africans don't die at anywhere near the rate that they did even 50
>> years ago.
>Where's your evidence?

Do you think that there were no population counts for colonial Africa?
The countries that had a major European presence had high growth rates
from early in the century.  The countries in the interior developed
the high rate of population growth only within the last 50-75 years.

>You have none.  Did millions of niggers die of AIDS a century ago?  No.

No.  They died of diphtheria, cholera, malaria and other tropical

>It's pretty clear that AIDS is a modern, man-made
>disease which will kill off up to half of Africa's niggers--which STILL
>won't be enough to slow down their population explosion.  Not even our
>rampant cancer death rate (which Africa is now approaching) would be enough
>to slow it down much.

When average lifespans are under 40, cancer doesn't kill that many.
Africa's cancer rate goes up because the number of people living long
enough to get cancer has gone up.

>> >Can you name even one African country which experienced LESS than 1% per
>> >year annual growth?  NO.
>> Why would it matter?  The most primitive country today is far advanced
>> from the advanced countries of a couple centuries ago.
>The vast majority of the world is completely (and proudly) unaffected by
>these "advanced countries" you're obviously so proud of.

So?  You are changing the subject.

>That's about the only thing you "liberals" know about the world:  arrogant

If that were true, it would be one more thing than YOU know about the
world, because you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

>Even though Greece was one of the first "democracies", the vast majority of
>Greeks live today just as they did at the time of Socrates, and are PROUD
>that they do--including ox carts, religion, and other traditions.

Really?  With a population of 11 million, Greece has 5.7 million
telephones plus 4 million cell phones, and 5.1 million televisions.  I
rather doubt that things were so advanced in Socrates' day.  In
addition, the Greek Orthodox church, which includes more than 90% of
the population, did not exist a few hundred years before Christ.

>> >Only a handful of countries have experienced growth rates less than 1% per
>> >year, and most of the reason for their low population growth is emigration
>> >to other countries (like the US).
>> Nope.
>> >Where is your evidence that this is a "recent phenomenon"?
>> Historical records.
>"Historical records" produced by jews that even you know to be LIES, which
>is why you didn't cite them?

I have cited them.  Most of my sources are off line, since I own and
read books, unlike nincompoops like you.

Earlier in this thread (a couple months ago) I gave you British
historical demographic data showing how much higher the death rate was
before the Industrial Revolution.

Here's an online source:

Denmark for example has been under 1% growth rate since around 1950.


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