BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Human's and Joanie's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Tue Nov 12 01:42:36 EST 2002

Gray Shockley <gray at> wrote:

>On Fri, 8 Nov 2002 15:03:59 -0600, John Gutless wrote:
>> So, Gary, can we presume that you'll be part of the 9% minority who objects
>> to exiling the jews?
>Hopefully you've figured out my name by now. Or have you, Joan?
>> Would you like to go with them, to help them build a better, less Christian,
>> more jewish homeland in Madagascar?
>> John Knight
>I have no idea of what you are speaking, Sweet Joanie. You really are 
>"strange" and "unusual". 
>Are you drunk or doing some of those Californian drugs?

will give you a humorous idea what he is talking about. 

Or you can read his silly poll page and laugh at that instead.  He's
the only one I know who would find 12 of 13 of his fellow racists
willing to vote in an Internet poll that they favor expelling the
Jews, "mud races", liberals, feminazis, or whatever group he hates
today, and call that a 91% mandate.


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