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"Deer Draw Cougars Ever Eastward", By BLAINE HARDEN

Quoting from the article:

"Nearly all of these lions, Ms. Ruth said, are forced to find new turf. Those that do not tend to be killed and eaten by their territorial elders.?"


Anyway, quoting from the article:

" 'In Boulder, lions are learning that humans are nothing to be afraid of,' Mr. Taylor, the city park ranger, said."

This's intergenerational learning that is analogous to what happens in Humans. The only difference is that the cougar intergenerational learning occurs within a narrower potential-behavior spectrum [which, again, exposes for our observation, what it is that the one overall energydynamic does - broaden capability with respect to its being 'climbed' - the most-widely-adaptable 'climbers' of the one 3-D energy gradient survive to correlated degree].

If it continues, as it continues, this intergenerational learning will feed forward into the genetic stuff because it will encounter environmental stuff that, absent the intergenerational learning, could not be survived. This migration into new environmental realms is accompanied by different [relative to the former environment] local derivatives of the overall energydynamic. This local derivative of the energydynamic acts directly upon the 3-D energydynamics of the DNA.

This's one of the ways that "punctuated evolution" occurs.

Anyway, further, this's some of the stuff to which I referred to as " 'trunk', 'branch', 'twig', 'leaf' " stuff in other recent discussions here in b.n.

Within it, the primacy of the all-encompassing energydynamic that, within nervous systems, takes the form of TD E/I-minimization, is flat-out obvious.

I haven't checked off everything that's in AoK, but at first glance, the only obvious differences are stuff like in-body-form-determined behavioral differences [divergent 'trunk' stuff], stuff like visual acuity [particularly at night], and 'morality' [although it's clear that mountain lion's have their own form of such - a version that sees 'justice' in a rather territorial way - high-PTAFA quotient].

In this last consideration, the importance of fundamental stuff is disclosed. The mountain Lion's 'trunk' stuff 'locked-into' its existence as a four-legged predator. In order for it to become other than such, it's have to go back and modify it's fundamental stuff. The thing that 'stands-in-the-way-of' such is that, when such is 'attempted', the result is a decrement in survival propensity, so the fundamental stuff is virtually locked-in.

It's different in the case of Humans, though. Humans can agree, beforehand, that this or that goal is worthy with respect to the same modify-fundamental-stuff's task. Such agreement attained, Humans can merge their interactive power to carry out the transition.

This is a basic form of what NDT's understanding constitutes, and is why I've been working to build rational [non-coersed; "Guarding Free Will"] consensus - NDT's stuff works to the degree that it's comprehended, and acted-upon, across populations.

The 'pay off' will come in the form of becoming free of the dictates of 'the beast', Abstract Ignorance, which'll enable Humans to soar to new interactive heights, unencumbered by the ancient self-destructive "tragic flaw" that evolutionary energydynamics left in-there.

It's what NDT's stuff is all about - working in unison with the one overall energydynamic to enter as partners in carrying on our own Creation, in the 'end', becoming Truly Human.

But first, we've got to come-together in order to back out of the tragic flaw's evolutionary-learning cul de sac. [I understand this's 'difficult' stuff. There's a lot more to it. Try to make it your own by going over it and putting it into your own words.]

Anyway, the article's reportage discloses [yet again] the fact that it's the one all-encompassing energydynamics that determines the 'genes', not the other way around.

"Geneticists Track More of Earliest Humans' First Itineraries," By NICHOLAS WADE

This article discusses the Human version of the same intergenerational learning dynamics as the article discussed above.

Quoting from the article:

"Through the wizardry of modern genetics, it is possible to reconstruct the travels of the earliest humans as they moved out from their ancestral home in northeast Africa and spread around the globe."

It's still the action of the one all-encompassing energydynamic which exerts its force as folks move through environmental variation, which is what the detected 'genetic' variation correlates to.

The need for such is fundamental. If such migration does not occur, the genetic stuff'll become in-bred, which is 'just' an accumulation of 'holes' in the 3-D energydynamics map. So the reportage of this 2nd article discloses the wellspring of the anti-inbreeding 'taboo'. It's an energydynamics thing, which is much-larger than language'-interface-embedded 'understanding'. Such 'language'-interface stuff that's correlated to the inbreeding 'taboo' is 'just' a communicative 'face' that's assigned, during cumulative interaction, that allows the underpinning, fundamental stuff [the energydynamic consequences of inbreeding] to be interpersonally categorized, and acted upon with augmented efficiency. Recognition occurs at an energydynamics 'level' that's much more fundamental than is 'language'-interface stuff. It's all 'just' more TD E/I-minimization as it's discussed in AoK [Ap5, 6, 7, 8, in particular] - which is 'just' more 'climbing-up' the one universal downhill energydynamic - just more "up the down staircase" stuff.

Quoting from the article:

"Geneticists can track these emigrations because of the train of errors that slowly accumulates in certain regions of the DNA. After a population splits, the people who go east will clock up a different set of errors from those who venture west."

Yup, there're the 'holes' in the 3-D energydynamics map. Again, the main difference between the energydynamics view and the traditional view is disclosed. The development of the 'holes' in the 3-D energydynamics map generates TD E/I(up), and it's the TD E/I(up) which induces migration - 'moving away from' the 'bad experience' [TD E/I(up)] that's correlated with the 'holes' [DNA "tuning-precision voids"].

Again, it's clearly the energydynamic that's the determining thing, and the 'genes' which're determined by the energydynamic.

Quoting from the article:

"Linguists and geneticists last year discovered a human gene called FOXP2 which differs in two essential places from the equivalent gene in chimpanzees. The gene seems to underlie the articulation of rapidly spoken language. It must be of great importance because a single version is found in all humans. It came to light because several members of a large London family with a damaged version of the gene have severe difficulties with spoken language."

This's 'just' the reflection of the augmented energydynamics efficiency inherent in efficient communication - communicate more efficiently -> pool energy-expenditure more-powerfully -> survival(up), until the augmented efficiency inherent in the underpinning portion of the in-DNA energydynamic becomes 'universal' with respect to the overall energydynamic.

Such 'seems' to constitute "survival of the fittest" until one comprehends that the "fundamental wisdom" of nervous systems [AoK, Ap4] is also the wellspring of the "tragic flaw [ibid] that evolutionary dynamics left in-there. Self-destructive, whole-population-Ravaging cannot be described as "survival of the fittest", because, it's obvious that, within such, the 'fittest' are 'blindly' and automatically [unwittingly] committing mass suicide by undermining the underpinnings of Survival. [My own experienceing of being 'killed' because I msg with respect to the General Good, constitutes a case in-point. With respect to such, folks in the traditional population are much like the mountain lions of the first article - locked-in, unable to back-track out of the self-destructive, Ravaging, predatory dynamics [which recourse derives, substantially, in a perversion of Darwin's work that treats Darwin's work as if it's 'complete' - a 'done-deal' - which, when one looks, one Sees is 'just' a "volitional diminishing-returns decision" [AoK, Ap7] that has a threshold that's set in accord with 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization 'convenience', totally absent any semblance of Free Will.]]

Everything within the 'genetic' stuff, everything within 'behavior', 'cognition', 'affect', etc. - everything Biological, [and everything non-biological] is 'just' reiterative with respect to 'climbing-up' the one downhill energydynamic that permeates physical reality. The only thing that distinguishes the animate and the inanimate is that the former climbs-up the energydynamic, while the latter slides down it. [In this last consideration, it can be seen that 'Life' begins in the cataclysims of the heavens, in which the energydynamic becomes locally-explosive, which constitutes a local 'climbing' of the universal energydynamic, even as the universal energydynamic slides downhill overall. Out of such come the 'atoms' which form the 'molecules', which, further, form Life - all in rigorous accord with the one universal energydynamic.]


k. p. collins

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