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    Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
    Why all the 'fuss' I'm making over the universal energydynamic?
    A couple of things.
    First, it's rifgt-there - physically-real, underpinning all of physical reality. Why not use it?
    Second, right-there, it's so 'familiar' that it's 'normally' flat-out 'invisible' [see AoK, Ap5 ~"all neural activation that can be eliminated without resulting in TD E/I(up) is eliminated - the 'invisibility' is just more TD E/I-minimization].
    The problem here, though, is, in order to enable folks to understand NDT's stuff, the 'invisible' stuff has to be rendered Visible, so that's what I'm doing.
    The easiest way to see the universal energydynamic is to just sit-in on discussions of its action within all manner of familiar dynamics, so that's what I'm doing.
    Eventually, if you only look into the examples I'm discussing, a bit, you will. [Don't be 'detered' by the "abundance on wings" stuff. That's for Physicists because I want them to understand NDT's stuff, too, but I'm working in a way that, I hope, will make even this Fundamental-Physics stuff accessible to everyone - because it's wellspring stuff with respect to all of physical reality.]
    Please Forgive what must seem 'presumptuousness' on my part. That's not it. It's just that I Love you in this way - and Love the Children in the same way, only more.
    Go at it at your own pace [remembering that the route to understanding follows a curved path] - go energydynamics exploring in your own familiar environmental circumstances. The one energydynamic is everywhere you look, no matter where you look, even if you 'look' with your ears, or your skin, or your taste buds, or your nose, or this or that sense-augmenting detector apparatus.
    Once you begin Seeing it, you'll also See the physical Universe in the stuff of your own nervous system - and you'll understand why the nervous system is the way it is - you'll See the Awesome-Beauty in-it. You'll See Truth, and See how you See it.
    k. p. collins
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