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And, "for that matter", with respect to piezoelectric stuff, why not explore using it to tap into the huge quantity of energy that goes to Waste, every day, in the so-called "gravitationally"-drive "tidal" dynamics within Earth's crust?

You know, since developing piezoelectric earthquake-detection arrays is a worthwhile thig to do, and since that'll require Materials Science refinement, why not continue to explore the possibility that a sufficiently-'inexpensive' implimentation of the same-stuff can be incorporated within 'vast' piezoelectric energy farms?

You know, tap the energydynamic that's just sitting right-there like folks in Vermont do with respect to the raw materials of maple syrup.

It shouldn't be(?) too expensive because piezoelectric ceramics are routinely discarded into land-fills in throw-away cigarette lighters, in which they're used to generate the little 'spark' [small electric current] that ignites the lighter fluid.

A side benefit would be that the earthquake-detection apparatus would be constructed simultaneously, and the earthquake-prediction could be extracted from the piezoelectric farm's energy-flow.

You know?

Anyway, we've got to start thinking this way with respect to future power-generation needs.

You know?

Tap into the universal energydynamic.

Heck, a pilot project could even be financed as a Physics experiment - one that'd enable folks to 'move toward' Truth, which is a rarity within billions-of-dollars 'big-science' funding in our 'modern times'.

Anyway, it's more of the Same-Stuff - the one energydynamic - the stuff around which evolutionary dynamics 'engineered' our nervous systems - the stuff with respect to which our nervous systems 'climb', via [hopefully, by this 'time', not so 'blindly-automated] TD E/I-minimization.

It's the Same-Stuff that communicates [via dynamics that're exactly analogous to the stuff of the piezoelectric discussion :-] your Love to your Children when you give them a hug.

Give 'em one from me.

I Love them in this way.

k. p. collins
    Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
    "Volcanoes Talking", NOVA, PBS

    Quoting from the PBS web site:
    "Using a new theory about these so-called long-period events, Chouet has successfully predicted several eruptions, including that of Alaska's Redoubt volcano in 1989."
    © 2002, by PBS.
    I 'smiled' while viewing this NOVA show this night - I've been using the same method for decades to analyze international interactive dynamics. [If 'you' doubt, the analyses were sent to others. It's also the same way I analyze the 'stock market', which, if folks recall, I've done routinely in the past here in b.n. Do a Groups Google on "'stock market'" [use the single quotes] and you should find some of the old posts.]
    Whether is volcanoes or international interactive dynamics [or anything else], it's all the Same-Stuff - the one energydynamic, so when there's an accelerating building-up, one's able to predice that something's going to 'fly off the handle' in-there.
    While watching the show, I realized that the Same-Stuff can be used to predict earth quakes. The problem with earth quakes, though, is that they occur in relatively rigid media - rock-stuff of Earth's crust, so the correlated accelerating building-up occurs as pressure increases which seismological gear doesn't detect until the rock shears catastrophically.
    To see into the pressure dynamics, I'll wager a pieso-electric apparatus will work. The only problems, here, is that the detectors must be as one with rhe rock stuff they monitor. To accomplish such, holes in the crust must be drilled [of course], and the problem becomes one for Materials Scientists, because the pieso-electric apparatus must be inserted into the holes, with wiring extending to the surface, then the holes must be filled with stuff that sets-up to become one with the surrounding rock.
    Do you see the problem?
    The stuff that's used to fill the holes must have the same energy-dispersion characteristics as the surrounding rock, else the pressure info will be damped, distorted, etc. I don't think 'normal' concrete will suffice because you can't use rebars, 'cause that'd distort the pressur image, and just-concrete would deteriorate at a differential rate with respect to the rock.
    But some sort of special-'concrete'-type stuff should work. I thought of using glass - you know, pour it in the holes in it's molten 'state', but how does one assure that there're no air bubbles left? The stuff in which the piezo-electric detector is embedded must be one-with the surrounding rock.
    Anyway, if the Materials Science can be gotten right [or course it can] the same accelerating build-up will show itself in the voltmeter connected to the piezo-crystal, and we'll be able to reliably give folks warning with respect to earth quakes. It's a prediction of predictability [prediction ^ 2 :-]
    Anyway, it's a way to Cherish Life.
    k. p. collins
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