BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Thu Nov 14 03:06:36 EST 2002

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> Cary Kittrell wrote:
> > Why do you think the great majority of all cultures in human
> >history have vanished?
> Miscegenation?
> Jd (lmao)

Exactly, Jd.

The miscegenated Greeks of today can't even patch the Parthenon which the
PURE Greeks of 2,500 years ago built.  All of the buildings they've built
since they became muds will collapse in a century, while the Parthenon will
be around another 2,500 years ago.

Same with the Roman Coliseum and the Pyramids--the muds who live their today
can just barely build wooden lean-tos which will be dust in 2100, while
those structures built by pure Romans and pure Egyptians [read: WHITE] may
outlast the Parthenon.

Already, the family incomes of pure blooded races in Germany and Japan are
twice as high as ours (mostly because miscegenation REDUCED our average
family incomes), and so far, nothing has even begun to reverse this trend.

The instant a culture miscegenates with muds, it implodes.  Unless WHITES in
the US wake up and boot the muds, which is maybe already too late for us,
our decline will be much faster than Rome's was.

John Knight

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