BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Johannes suckernogo at
Thu Nov 14 10:00:29 EST 2002

it's so hard to ignore stupidity (sigh), so hard, but i have to... i have
to... there you go, you're banned * bye now * (oh: did you know we all came
from africa? yeah: once we were all monkeys! too bad you and bush didn't
quite evolve beyond neanderthalness. but at least we found the missing link!
science is progressing every day.)

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> > Cary Kittrell wrote:
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> > > Why do you think the great majority of all cultures in human
> > >history have vanished?
> >
> > Miscegenation?
> >
> > Jd (lmao)
> >
> >
> Exactly, Jd.
> The miscegenated Greeks of today can't even patch the Parthenon which the
> PURE Greeks of 2,500 years ago built.  All of the buildings they've built
> since they became muds will collapse in a century, while the Parthenon
> be around another 2,500 years ago.
> Same with the Roman Coliseum and the Pyramids--the muds who live their
> can just barely build wooden lean-tos which will be dust in 2100, while
> those structures built by pure Romans and pure Egyptians [read: WHITE] may
> outlast the Parthenon.
> Already, the family incomes of pure blooded races in Germany and Japan are
> twice as high as ours (mostly because miscegenation REDUCED our average
> family incomes), and so far, nothing has even begun to reverse this trend.
> The instant a culture miscegenates with muds, it implodes.  Unless WHITES
> the US wake up and boot the muds, which is maybe already too late for us,
> our decline will be much faster than Rome's was.
> John Knight

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