BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> Already, the family incomes of pure blooded races in Germany and Japan are
> twice as high as ours (mostly because miscegenation REDUCED our average
> family incomes), and so far, nothing has even begun to reverse this trend.



Book Review: Showing Our Colors
By Emily Monroy

One of the first challenges to the idea of black intellectual inferiority 
came from a German study. Authored by psychologist Klaus Eyferth and 
published in the 1959 edition of the journal Vita Humana (now Human 
Development), the study compared the intelligence of two groups of children 
born in Germany to local women and American soldiers. The first group, 
however, was sired by white GIs, while the second had black fathers. If the 
former children proved to be more intelligent than the latter, then white 
supremacists could make the argument that blacks were indeed genetically 
inferior to whites, at least in terms of intellectual ability. But no such 
luck: the two groups¹ test scores were indistinguishable. The study was, as 
expected, vilified by proponents of racial inequality (prompting one 
commentator to note that left wingers were not the only ones to dislike race 
research), but it was accepted by the scientific community and, more 
importantly, replicated by other researchers who reached the same 

I first read of this study in my first-year psychology class. The existence 
of a black community in Germany was news to me. But I soon learned that the 
offspring of black GIs were not the only people of mixed African descent in 
that country. Germany at one time possessed a number of colonies in Africa, 
including modern-day Tanzania, Cameroon, Togo and Namibia. Some natives of 
those places immigrated to Germany, where they established relationships with 
the locals and produced mixed-race children. In addition, biracial children 
were born to Germans and immigrants from African countries never under 
Germany¹s control. Until recently, though, I had never come across any 
first-hand accounts by mixed-race Germans themselves.


Here's mud in your eye, Yankee John.

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