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You see?

'secrecy' 'moves away from' Truth, simultaneously disclosing both its supposedly-'secret' stuff and its Savage-Refferenants in folks 'hearts'.

One can just See it in it's negative ["inverted" [AoK, Ap4]; 'moving away from' Honoring-Truth] image.

'secrecy' is flat-out Naked :-]

To the degree that it's relied upon within any population, the General Good of that population is flat-out undermined.

It's why the Framers insisted upon the stuff of the First Amendment being in-there. They understood the duality of 'secrecy' as 'quicksand'.

k. p. collins
    Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
    "In 1851 'Moby Dick', by Herman Melville, is published." © Patrick Kincaid.
    "You Are a Suspect", By WILLIAM SAFIRE

    There's nothing wrong with collecting information. Doing such is, in fact, is just a way [if not the best way] to enable pre-emption of Savage acts that strike at populations.
    However, when such gathered information is used in ways which, as is the case in my personal experience, 'negate' the Rights and Duties of Citizens, then such use, itself, constitutes a complete Abandonment of the Constitution of the United States of America, which renders The United States of America virtually non-Existent.
    That's exactly what's happening in our 'times'.
    A Coup, born in 'secrecy', within the 'hearts' of non-elected folks who act within the realm of their merely-familiar experience, acquired in an 'inter-groupwise-generationally hand-me-down way [they learn just like the mountain lions of my prior post in this thread], which leaves them 'blind' to the fact that they are doing to America what no external enemy could accomplish.
    One can easily See their Treachery. It's clearly disclosed for all to see in the way that folks who, like me, come forward to breath Life into the Constitution are 'drowned' in a collective 'indignant humor' and 'gossip' that even makes it's way to the TV talk shows.
    Wake up! All that is nothing other than the way in which the Coup-Fo breathe chain-stuff within American Society.
    When you hear the 'whispers' in your 'private' background-of-your-work experience, that's just the 'psy-ops' stuff through which the Coup-Fo exert force to attain coersed consensus within the population having found its way into your midst.
    It's just them, stabbing America in the Heart.
    You 'doubt?' Another [rigorously-correlated] way to See it plainly is in the way that its refferants are completely absent from 'formal' Public interactive dynamics. In such, one can, literally, See all that's going on 'behind the scenes' - 'x-ray vision'.
    Wake up!
    Open your eyes!
    It's 'hilarious'.
    Why do folks think that I do 'Difficult' stuff right in the light of day - Publicly - like the recent "helicopter" stuff in another thread?
    I do it because it's flat-out in my Responsibilities as a Citizen of The United States of America, and, as I've explained in long-former posts, right-there in a number of Oaths of Service that I was Obliged to Swear - "to protect agaists all enemies, both foreign and domestic".
    They 'laugh' at such.
    I don't.
    My way is to just state things, plainly and Publicly - it's my way of simultaneously Protesting and separating myself from the easily Seen, supposedly 'secret' Treachery that's stabbing America in its Heart, while the 'citizenry', lulled into complacency, does it's Alfred E. Newman impersonation, "What, me worry?"
    Wake up!
    America is only that which each Citizen breathes into it.
    K. P. Collins
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