BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Human's and Joanie's

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> Or you can read his silly poll page and laugh at that instead.  He's
> the only one I know who would find 12 of 13 of his fellow racists
> willing to vote in an Internet poll that they favor expelling the
> Jews, "mud races", liberals, feminazis, or whatever group he hates
> today, and call that a 91% mandate.

Probably because no female will give him a woman date.


Like a buncha other folks, I know child custody cases where I thought the 
court made mistakes. I've thought that - in many cases - the courts have 
awarded custody to the mother "automatically" when the father was a better 

But after reading some of these wackos and loons, I can sure see why these 
miscreants didn't have custody.

And it's /really/ obvious why they're divorced.


And - as far as their poor, pitiful new age religion goes - it's just as 
wacked and looney as their political collectivism.

An excellent example was """"""""""John Knight's"""""""""" posting of a 
nutso/freako column a few days ago and leaving off the tile:

               "One Way of Debating Individualists"

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