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The work reported on was done by Helen Mayberg of the Rotman Institute in Toronto, Canada.

An excerpt from the report dealt with the question of why it seems some folks 'recover' from 'depression while others seem not to.

The gist of it is that there's something 'organic' that's 'diseased'.

The Truth of the matter is as it's been discussed in AoK, Ap8 all along.

Be-cause the manner in which nervous systems process information had not been generally comprehended, dependent on environment, folks actually learn how not to 'recover' from 'depression'.

Such routinely happens, for instance, when Children come to maturity in Family environments that negatively sanction 'imperfection'. As Adults, such folks go down this or that learning cul de sac and get 'trapped' because, admitting the 'mis-take' and seeking understanding is, literally, 'unthinkable' in terms of the developmental environments in which they grew up.

Instead of attempting to chemically 're-engineer' their nervous systems, if Neuroscience would only promulgate the fruits of its labors, folks would learn how to nurture their Children so that they didn't 'short-circuit' their futures as Adults - so when this or that learning turns out - after their having 'made it 'round the bend' while traveling the curved path to understanding - to be bogus, they'll understand the 'quieting' that they experience, welcome it, and others around them will, simultaneously, understand and give nurturance.

Voilà - the beautiful mechanism that evolutionary dynamics have 'engineered' into nervous systems to "rock us in the cradle" while our nervous systems go about minimizing the TD E/I(up) that always accompanies the "rendering useless" [AoK, Ap8] that ensues upon encountering learning that was, inadvertently, 'inappropriate' all along.

You know?

Neuroscience has just been letting folks remain ignorant with respect to all this heart-breaking stuff - and it's 'hilarious' - they want to 'fix' what's not broken, and upon which survival depends, by throwing chemicals at it when they don't even know what the chemicals do - just 'hilarious', isn't it?


We have a Responsibility to Promulgate the understanding that's disclosed in the experiments that are, after all, funded by the people who've been forsaken be-cause we've failed to Promulgate the understanding that's disclosed in the experiments.

What's also 'hilarious' is that it's all been explained in AoK all along, but no one will even discuss it with me.

See the passages, above, about not having learned how not to back out of 'inappropriate'-learning cul de sacs, and then learn how to actually do Science in a way that Celebrates disclosure of 'mis-takes' instead of inflicting great harm upon those whose efforts turn out in need of being "rendered useless".

It's 'hilarious' - folks in 'science' have to 'pretend' they're 'perfect' to such a degree that they resort to calling others who emulate their cul de sac-handling 'inabilities' "ill" - "diseased"?

Good grief!

Wake up!

Do Science!

You know?

I Love you in this way.

k. p. collins [ken]
    Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message <_7WA9.6618$vM1.443092 at>...
    The report on NPR's All Things Considered focused upon the anterior cingulate.
    It's not in AoK, specifically, but the recent convergence upon the anterior cingulate's role in 'depression' was predicted, defined and discussed in AoK. This report allowed me to make the connection between the stuff of AoK,s Ap3 discussion of "ramp architecture" [the Chronister ref; pA-13 for those who have a paper copy] and the 'engineered'-in [AoK, Ap8] dynamics that have been referred to as "depression".
    Anterior cingulate serves as a 'gating' mechanism that 'shuts down' 'normal' biologically-rewarded fron-center attention tuning.
    This occurs because the main work that's going on within the brain is the backing-out of an 'inappropriate'-learning cul de sac [AoK, Ap8; "unlearning", AoK, Ap5].
    If 'normal' front-center biological reward were allowed to occur, it would distract the supersystem from the "unlearning" task.
    Once again, it's all 'just' TD E/I-minimization within the integrated neural topology.
    Another 'step' - another Verification of NDT's synthesis.
    k. p. collins
        Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
        Good grief! I just heard a blurb, on NPR's All Things Considered, with respect to the 'isolation' of trigger zones with respect to clinical 'depression'. Can't wait to hear the report. The future: 'Now take these pills, and just forgetaboutit. No, nevermind that stuff you thinks needs to be dealt with. Just forgetaboutit. There's nothing you can doaboutit. Why not just forgetaboutit so you can feel good?'
        What's been referred to as "depression' is an 'engineered'-in information-processing dynamic that's crucial to the survival of Humanity. [See AoK, Ap8.]
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