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"Intelligence Criticized as F.B.I. Issues New Alert", By DAVID JOHNSTON and ERIC LICHTBLAU

The crucial 'mis-takes' were made decades ago, with respect to the 'handling' of NDT's understanding.

The ongoing 'mis-takes' pertain to the 'obfuscation' [covering-up] with respect to NDT's understanding.

Throughout, there've been on-going 'psy-ops', of which, the stuff reported on in this article is a case in point.

Note well: There is an augmenting threat. The Authorities are looking at the same trends that I monitor [although I've access to considerably-less data than they do].

It was be-cause I understood the TD E/I ramifications inherent that I spoke out against certain herd-reaction to the TD E/I(up) that folks in Government [and everyone else] experienced following the terrorist attacks upon Our Nation.

There was, then, a better way.

Decades ago, there was a better way.

There still is a better way.

NDT's understanding was out-there, but it was usurped and ab-used.

The result is Deterministic.

So, the threat is Real, but it's stuff derives in 'mis-takes' being perpetuated, because the familiar thing in This Nation is to 'lock-in' the stuff of 'mis-takes', via 'recriminations', rather than finding Joy in the discovery of "mis-take's" 'inappropriate' stuff.

It's 'time' to do what needs to be done with respect to such.

It's 'time' to 'move toward' Truth, instead of 'moving away from' Truth.

It's 'time' to turn-off the 'spin'-generators, and just come-together to embrace Truth - look it in the eye - understand - Choose.

Choose, not Cowardice that squirms under threat - never! Rather, Choose understanding, and act in its inherent Courage.

Choose Truth, and to Honor it, rather than render it 'invisible' through 'obfuscation'.

Same thing I've been saying for decades.

Will I be saying the same thing decades hence [presuming that Miracle happens that allows me to maintain Life within myself :-]

You know?

Look at all the effort Wasted in trying to 'move away from' Truth.

It's Impossible to 'move away from' Truth.

Endeavor so, and Truth just Determines things, anyway.

But when we 'move toward' Truth, Truth Honors us right back.

The 'difficulty' inherent is Illusory - deriving in the death-rattle of 'the beast', Abstract Ignorance.

'Listen' to such, and allow it to be the 'Determining' thing?

Or 'Listen' to Truth?

"I have told them that a house divided against itself cannot stand, and Christ and reason say the same, and they will find it so." [Abraham Lincoln]

For our Union, let us come together in understanding, holding up the Light of The Constitution of The United States of America, born in the white-heat of the Founder's Courageous embrace of Freedom, as a Beacon that enables all people, everywhere to See the Future that can Be -that enables folks to See Truth.

I'm sorry. What's here should be much more.

I'm 'tired' - and Hungry.

k. p. collins
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