BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >> Cary Kittrell wrote:
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> >> > Why do you think the great majority of all cultures in human
> >> >history have vanished?
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> >> Miscegenation?
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> >> Jd (lmao)
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> >Exactly, Jd.
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> >The miscegenated Greeks of today can't even patch the Parthenon which the
> >PURE Greeks of 2,500 years ago built.  All of the buildings they've built
> >since they became muds will collapse in a century, while the Parthenon
> >be around another 2,500 years ago.
> >
> >Same with the Roman Coliseum and the Pyramids--the muds who live their
> >can just barely build wooden lean-tos which will be dust in 2100, while
> >those structures built by pure Romans and pure Egyptians [read: WHITE]
> >outlast the Parthenon.
> >
> >Already, the family incomes of pure blooded races in Germany and Japan
> >twice as high as ours (mostly because miscegenation REDUCED our average
> >family incomes), and so far, nothing has even begun to reverse this
> >
> >The instant a culture miscegenates with muds, it implodes.  Unless WHITES
> >the US wake up and boot the muds, which is maybe already too late for us,
> >our decline will be much faster than Rome's was.
> >
> >John Knight
> That (booting) would entail changing the government wouldn't it?
> Before we do that I think we should give the Fed the chance to boot
> whatever homos, theophobes and witches who are left, out of the
> military and then take another look.
> In case you're not aware, 2 days ago President bush signed into law
> a bill which reaffirms "in God we trust" as our national motto and
> "one nation under God" as a legitimate phrase in our pledge, despite
> what that California judge said and all "liberals" desire.
> "Liberals" have been dealt a serious blow.  It'll be a bit tougher
> for them now since whatever ~moral ground they thought they had is
> quickly vanishing before their very eyes.  Whatever legal ground
> they had gained in the last few years vanished with the stroke of a
> pen.
> They can look forward to waking up everyday and hearing/seeing more
> about God than they did the day before.  And thinking more about
> seeing the 10 Commandments in their courtrooms and in the schools of
> their kids. They won't have much time or energy left for supporting
> miscegenation or miscegenators.
> Perhaps their best bet is to simply join PETA and forget the rest.
> ;)
> Jd

Excellent points, Jd.  The "liberal" agenda was dealt such a serious blow in
the elections that it's hard to imagine feminaziism, miscegenation,
"evolution", "legalized" abortion, or sodomy as a "civil right" could
survive at all.

But we have to understand how this despicable, amoral, corruptible,
arrogant, hideous, treacherous, degenerate, whiney 2% minority of
"Americans" [and I use that term loosely when including 'dual-citizenship
jews' in it] managed to implement so many planks from it's evil agenda in
the first place.

For example, the news made a big deal of the success of "pro-life"
candidates, and the loss of pro-abortion candidates:

81% supported by pro-abortion Emily's List LOST

91% supported by pro-abortion NARAL LOST

73% supported by pro-life Anthony's List WON

64% supported by pro-life CWPAc WON

Is that a good sign?  It should be.  With one half to 57% of Americans
viewing abortion as MURDER, and three quarters opposed to "legalized"
abortion, and even the original "Roe" of the Roe vs. Wade decision openly
lobbying for the overthrow of this "law", three decades of the biggest
slaughter of human life in world history (a lost of 42 million potential
fellow Americans) should come to a
screeching halt.

But it wasn't these (or other) elected officials who backed this "law" in
the first place.  It was just a few arrogant members of the most corrupted
"supreme court" in recent memory who did it.  It traces back to jew justice
Louis Brandeis who "read" things into the constitution that just weren't
there who set the framework for it, and it was only because we permitted
jews and women onto the supreme court today that the will of 217 million
Americans; the Will of God; the rights of 42 million potential fellow
Americans; the rights of the potential fathers of those 42 million dead
babies, the Pope, the Catholic Church, most of the 2 billion Christians in
the world, and the US economy; were all denied.

It has already cost us TEN THOUSAND TIMES (10,000 X) as many lives as the
WTC, which makes Sandra Day O'Connor, who wrote:  "The spousal consent
provision in 3 (3), which does not comport with the standards enunciated in
Roe v. Wade, supra, at 164-165, is unconstitutional, since the State cannot
'delegate to a spouse a veto power which the [S]tate itself is absolutely
and totally prohibited from exercising during the first trimester of
pregnancy' ", the most dangerous
person on the planet.

Do we even begin to comprehend how much damage this STUPID woman did by that
single statement?

We have FAR more proof that she DID kill tens of millions of Americans by
the stroke of a pen than we have that Osama killed even ONE.  We already
KNOW, without spending a dime on national defense or a war on terror, that
she's already been 10,000  times more deadly to American citizens than Osama
and Hussein put together, and that if her "ruling" is permitted to stand
that very soon it will be 20,000 TIMES more deadly.

This isn't just a "personal opinion".  Polls show that up to 165 million
Americans view these abortions enabled by Sandra as MURDER.  This isn't a
"radical" opinion.  Both the polls and the election results prove that it's
the most rational, mainstream thought in America.

When Bush takes on the real terrorists in the country, then we can let down
our guard about "liberals" a bit.

John Knight

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