BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> <>The instant a culture miscegenates with muds, it implodes.  Unless
> <>the US wake up and boot the muds, which is maybe already too late for
> <>our decline will be much faster than Rome's was.
> <
> <Really?  And what culture will displace ours?  Germany and Japan tried
> <together over 50 years ago and failed.  I see no reason to believe
> <that they plan to try again.  At this point, virtually EVERY culture
> <has "miscegenated" to some degree - the Japanese with Koreans, Germans
> <with Turks and Russians, Americans with blacks and Hispanics, and the
> <Jews with almost everyone but especially with Russians and Americans.
> It's a bit hard to feel sorry for the poor wee ones, isn't it?  Diversity
> leads to White European culture being merely the overwhelmingly dominant
> culture -- instead of the only game in town, as it was for so long --  and
> immediately these boys assume victim's stance and start whining about
> being discriminated against and "overrun".  It evokes precisely the
> same degree of sympathy I feel for poor Microsoft and their protestations
> about not being able to compete.

Don't believe the jew LIES about any race or culture or country accepting
miscegenation, other than PERHAPS a few looney tunes in the US who are
usually called "liberals".

The vast majority of the world's population view miscegenation as immoral, a
CRIME, and a violation of their religion.  Even niggers in the darkest parts
of Africa have figured out something that you "liberals" will probably never

And as far as "thinking" that we "won" WWII, think again:

95% of the world's savings are in JAPANESE banks or postal savings accounts.
Both German citizens and Japanese citizens have such a low tax rate that
they manage to save between 20-33% of each and every wage dollar, compared
to a NEGATIVE savings rate in the US

We are able to manufacture just about nothing today.  Most of our cars,
semiconductors, electronics, even ships, trains, and now airplanes, are
built in countries which did NOT accept miscegenation, who are a pure bred
race who don't need to work 42 days every year JUST to earn JUST the money
which is paid JUST for taxes which funds JUST the welfare which is paid JUST
to niggers.

That alone, if not correct, will guarantee that we will never be able to
manufacture anything here, ever again, much less ever have this quantity
once known as "personal savings".

John Knight

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