Mockingbird & Rose Bushes & Plasma Thingies

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins k.p.collins at
Mon Nov 18 16:31:17 EST 2002

Whoops - it wasn't a "retraction".

It was an Affiration of all that can be.

k. p. collins

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message
>This afternoon, I took a 'field trip' to a local mall - to do my
>Christmas window-shopping.
>While there, I was contemplating the 'impact' that Robert's post in
>the 'Statistics' thread left 'reverberating' within me [within my
>nervous system].
>When I go to the mall, I just meander about - got my head 'massaged'
>by a Young [and rather pleasant] Immigrant from Israel :-] She was
>working at one of those little-shops that're set up in the middle of
>malls' traffic. Asked her what she thought of the New England cold.
>She smiled, and responded kindly, even thoug, it turned our she'd
>a lot of experience with snow.
>Kindness - experiencing it was welcome.
>I stopped in the pet store, and dreamed of setting all the animals
>free, like I always do [they must 'engineer' the cages with such
>in-mind :-]
>Marvelled at the Children with their Mothers, together, enjoying the
>delights of the animal's frolicking in window display.
>I stopped in at a toy store, and had to ask a fellow, who turned out
>to be the Manager, where the Lego [tm] computerized stuff was. He
>took me across the store and showed me. [I just like to look at each
>year to see what's new in it.] But I did engage the fellow in a
>discussion of the differences in toys now-a-days and the toys that
>were popular when I was a Child, which is huge. I explained to him
>that there seems, to me, to be important stuff 'missing' from toys
>now-a-days. There're very few toys that emphasize the sort of
>hand-eye learning that's so important in creativity. You know, toys
>that 'confront' a Child with a pile of bits and pieces, and the
>challenge of making something distinct out of the pile. There're
>Tinker Toys [tm] and Lincoln Logs [tm], and, of course, Legos [tm],
>but where are the "Erector Sets"? And where are the "real" hand
>that "really" work? [Gone he way of 'dangerous toy' legislation, I
>expect. It's not such toys that're 'dangerous'. What's Dangerous is
>the way that folks just don't get-in-there to exert guidance during
>Child's play with such Enabling 'toys'. Buy 'em the toy, and be done
>with 'parenting'? Not much Promise of good-stuff in-there.
>Anyway, the sorts of toys that confront Children with a pile of
>pits-and-pieces are important because, when the Child plays with
>them, if she/he plays them [which is where Parents have to take the
>lead - to show the 'wonders' that are in-there], the Child
>experiences a very special learning opportunity - one that's
>applicable within all of Life. It's the stuff of learning how to
>bring something that's not at all apparent into existence from
>rather-indistince 'raw materials'. If a Child learns this one thing,
>the Child gains experience that's universally-applicable, everywhere
>in Life.
>Yet, except for the examples, above, there's really a dearth of such
>toys vailable to Children these days.
>Instead, 'modern' toys tend, strongly, IMO, to do all the creative
>stuff 'on-behalf-of' Children, which is a 'good' way to prevent the
>blossoming of that universally-applicable stuff within a Child's
>Too-great a cost, no?
>Anyway, I wandered into a 'science' store and, there, became
>fascinated by a well-designed version of one of those
>'spidery-plasma-discharge' things that've been around for years.
>I got lost in it, for I don't know how long - must've been at least
>When one touches the glass-globe, most of the plasma-'spiders'
>collapse - I could see them collapsing - and most of the effect
>in the direction of one's finger on the glass.
>I looked closer, and was delighted to see that the flow from the
>discharge element [the little 'ball' in the center of the globe]
>exhibited an ethereal convergence - starting as a 'fog' and ending
>as a well-focused discharge-line that wiggled toward my finger's
>position on the globe.
>Two fingers, placed 'just right' and the wiggly-discharge line
>reverberates back and forth.
>It was easy to see the underpinning energy-exchange dynamics, waxing
>and waining, in which the 'snapping' back and forth between my
>tips derived.
>"Why can't anybody else see this?"
>It's all right-there-to-see.
>I was very tempted to go to the ATM and extract the $39.95 purchase
>price of the thing, so that I could 'play' with it in the dark of
>tonight at home - but that'd've cost me a week's Life, so I left it
>on the shelf, sayig to myself, "I'll tell the others to take a look
>at thes dynamics."
>Which is what I'm doing here.
>Look quietly, and you'll See what's in-there.

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