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Mon Nov 18 20:48:12 EST 2002

There was a segment on ABC's World News Toninght this evening that dealt with  'new' data that, supposedly, shows a correlation between the degree of 'hostility' that a person 'carries around' and heart-attack incidence. [I couldn't find a correlated URL at the ABC web site.] It's 'just' the old "Type-A personality" stuff, rehashed from this "hostility" perspective.  

What's actually going on in-there has been discussed in AoK all along. See the discussion of ~"priming for quick reactivity" in the sections of Ap5 that discusses hippocampal and amygdalar function, and further correlated discussion in App7 & 8.

The 'hostility' is 'just' the outward manifestation of amygdalar priming, which in turn, reduces directly to relative TD E/I as it's discussed throughout AoK.

When the 'priming' happens, to the degree that it does, the body's chemical environment is modified in a rigorously-correlated way - because relatively-high TD E/I rigorously indicates that the individual involved is in the midst of 'tough going', so, along with the enhanced reactivity [including reduced reaction latencies], the rest of the body is prepared to handle the augmented 'stress' -

It's all of this - the whole-body integrated reaction that, if it long endurs, is analogous to what happens to a Young Man's car if he's continually driving it hard - things break-down. It's the same with the body, for the same reason [in fact, the mechanical case reduces directly to relative TD E/I within the Young Man's nervous system :-]

TD E/I is the body's 'accelerometer'.

There's no 'mystery'.

It's all been in AoK all along.

Anyway, if folks look, they'll see that, while I understand that most folks'll 'misinterpret' my relatively-common manifestations of quick and relatively-strong 'reactivity' as 'hostility', because I've had NDT's understanding all along, I understand the nature of the 'Hard-walk' I'm 'walking'. I understand what's going on in my nervous system, so, being sure I don't actually 'transgress', I just do what needs to be done, understanding, further, that folks'll come to understand 'by-and-by' that I was just, with jaw set firm, going as 'gracefully' as possible through TD E/I(up) 'Hell'.

I invite anyone who 'doubts' to find anyone I've ever hurt, all you'll find are folks who 'threw stones' at me, and felt 'hurt' when they couldn't steer my course. I've actually hurt no one. And, if folks look, with regard to such, I've always 'made myself small' to make sure that all I ever do is 'grab TSEOTS' - like "Dobie" in the new Harry Potter flick :-]

I don't 'enjoy' doing this, but it's fallen to me to do this Difficult stuff, and I long ago resolved to just do what needed to be done. The 'self-deprication' is just my way of 'sloughing-off' the 'chain-stuff' that's encountered.

To folks who remain naïve with respect to NDT's stuff, the 'blindly'-automated thing is to hit on stuff like 'my hostility', but that's not it.

I'm just doing Hard stuff, and the amygdalar-priming stuff, within elevated TD E/I that I must continuously endure, is as it must be if I'm to Honor my Obligations with respect to NDT's understanding.

It's the 'same' with respect to the Authorities in their Fight to bring stability back within Human interactive dynamics - their nervous systems are doing the Same-Stuff.

Which is another reason that I 'wish' NDT's understanding was officially out-there, flat-out Honorably accessible - so that folks who need it could rely upon it and use it during the courses of their own Hard undertakings.

K. P. COllins 
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