Mockingbird & Rose Bushes & the Plasma Thingy

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins k.p.collins at
Wed Nov 20 18:00:43 EST 2002

I went back to the mall to take another look at the plasma globe
thing, and was 'embarassed' to see that I'd 'seen' somehting
important on my prior visit, but didn't See it.

It is that there's a color-differential that corresponds to local
energy-order differential! [corresponding to degree of 'turbulence'
at any 'point' in the energy-flow]

Close by the cathode, the color of the 'phospherescence' is pink.
Beyond this pink 'zone', the color changes to light-blue in the
'fog', then to deep-sky-blue in the fine threads, then back to pink
near the periphery of the globe, where the pink 'phospherescence' can
be seen dispersing in 'blossoming' patterns that flow away from the
'point' at which the fine 'threads' approach the periphery of the

In other words, the deeper the blues, the more-minimized, toward
least-action, is the action :-]

Pinks signify relatively-large [within this plasma-globe thing's
'system'] departures from least action.


The thresholding-within-continuous-energy-flow dynamics that are the
essence of Tapered Harmony are exposed macroscopically, right-there,
in the colors.!

The transition from blue to pink is 'abrupt', corresponding to a
shift in relative energy-per-unit-space 'content', which further
corresponds to [in fact =is] just one thing - degree of order within
the energy-flow.

The blues have higher energy content, the pinks, less.

Look and see - the colors directly reflect degree of action, with the
blues correaponding to least-action [within the plasma-globe
'system], which, further, corresponds to the two-gas
'pressure'-balancing that, despite the different Geometry inherent
[fine-'thread' vs. spherical standing wave, is =exactly= analogous
[macroscopically] to Tapered Harmony's SSW<->UES harmonics
energy-'containment' dynamics.

What's more, in the color changes of the 'phospheresence', one can
flat-our =SEE= the continuous approack to the energy-thresholding!


It's another =complete= Verification of Tapered Harmony's view - all
plain-to-see in this plasma-globe parlor 'toy'.

One can literally See the ramping to threshold, and it's inherent


r.i.p. 'quantum mechanics' [for the umpteenth time :-]

K. P. Collins

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
>"whittle" [AoK, Ap5; "hippocampal "ratchet-pawling"-TD
>E/I-minimization mechanism], "whittle", "whittle"...
>The plasma-globe thing's box disclosed that the globe was "filled
>with gases".
>On reflection, it seems likely that the gases are selected in a way
>that 'engineers' the 'spidery-thread' display. There's probably(?)
>one type of gas that is colorless but which takes on one 'charge',
>and another type of gas that 'phosphereses' while taking on the
>opposite 'charge'.
>It's because these gases are confined within the spherical glob that
>the effect plays out as it does - the 'charged' gases just assume a
>least-action distribution, with the 'spreading-out' occurring near
>the cathode because there's a 'zone' of relatively-decreased order
>[due to the cathode's being the 'locus' of the release of the 'prime
>motivation' of the dynamics that're observed [the peri-cathod 'zone'
>exhibits a "ramp architecture" that's observable in the "fog" that
>prior post addressed, and is rather like an 'image' of the Maths'
>'place' that's termed the "zone of randomness" [ZOR] in AoK, Ap4
>The divergence from the fine thread that occurs near the periphery
>the globe traces the flow of the 'phospherescent' gas as it
>approaches the globe's containment limit.
>There's a 'competition' going on between the
>differentially-charged(?) gases, and it's this 'competition' takes
>the form that derives in the relative concentration of the gases.
>There's probably(?) more of the non-'phospherescent' gas, so it's
>action 'dominates', forcing the 'phospherescent' gas to flow in the
>fine 'spidery-threads'.
>The thing is, that even within this more-detailed analysis, when one
>looks, one still sees the overall energy-flow, but even
>What's more, one can see, in an extraordinarily-vivid way, another
>macroscopic example [I've provided other examples in the past] of
>Tapered Harmony's SSW->UES energy-'containment' dynamics.
>Instead of being 'contained' within spherical standing waves, the
>gaseous 'containment' within the plasma thingy takes the form of the
>non-'phospherescent' gas 'containing' the 'phospherescent' gas - in
>the 'spidery threads'.
>In this, one can see the action of the overall energy-flow as it
>'seeks' to distribute itself as uniformly as possible.
>The uniformity within the dominant [non-'phospherescent'] gas is
>'broken' by the fact that the 2nd-ary ['phospherescent' gas needs
>comewhere to 'go' when it becomes 'charged' at the cathode. It
>'tunnels' through the non-'phospherescent' gas - yielding the
>'spidery threads'.
>The result is, given the energy-perturbation that's injected at the
>cathode, an overall-least-action energy distribution.
>So, the like 'charges' of the stuff comprising the fine 'threads' do
>'repell', which is evidenced in their flowing toward the periphery
>the sphere, but they're forced together, anyway, because there's
>of the [dominant] non-'phospherescent' gas that's 'charged'
>And, therein, the overall energy-flow is disclosed.
>In Tapered Harmony's view, all of physical reality is analogous to
>these dynamics, although it's not 'charge' that underpins the
>energy-'containment', but just energy-distribution itself.
>It strikes me that the accelerating expansion of the universe is,
>itself, analogous to the dynamics of this $39.95 plasma thingy,
>in the case of the universe as a whole, the analogue of the globe is
>comprise solely of energy, the local 'concentration' of which
>determines the 'existabality' of 'matter' - just as the
>energy-concentration ['pressure'] that's injected at the cathode
>upon the relative concentrations of the gases in the plasma thingy
>determine the 'existability' of the 'spidery threads'.
>All of physical reality is 'just' the one downhill energy-flow,
>which, if folks look, can be seen right-there in the energydynamics
>of this delightful plasma thingy.
>K. P. Collins
>Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
>>>I looked closer, and was delighted to see that the flow from the
>>>discharge element [the little 'ball' in the center of the globe]
>>>exhibited an ethereal convergence - starting as a 'fog' and ending
>>>as a well-focused discharge-line that wiggled toward my finger's
>>>position on the globe.
>>Look 'deeply', here. There's import[a]nt stuff to see.
>>It has to do with "like charges repell" stuff - if it's so, then
>>does the 'fog' of like-charged so-called 'particles' converge
>>of disperse?
>>Why does it gather into a fine 'thread', instead of a bulging
>>in which the 'repulsion' of the like-charged 'particles' would be
>>Of course, when I placed my finger against the glass of the globe,
>>obviously created a 'ground' path for the energy in the discharge
>>But I =pressed= my finger against the glass, do my finger's imprint
>>was not a point thing, The fine 'thread' dis disperse, but only
>>very-near my fingertip [on the inside of the globe].
>>Why only very-near my fingertip? Why a fine 'thread'? Why not a
>>bulging column? After all, like charges repell. Why, then, do these
>>like charges 'attract'?
>>It's be-cause there's an overall energy flow, and the charged
>>'particles' are forced into the fine 'thread' by the dynamics
>>inherent in that overall energy flow - it's a bit like an in-plasma
>>'Bernouli effect'. The 'thread' forms along the line of
>>within this overall energy flow. That is, the 'particles' [they're
>>not actually "particles"] go with the flow. They'd have to do some
>>'mysterious' work if they were to behave in a like-charges-repell
>>And, in this stuff, the energy surround can also be 'weighed'
>>[measured]. Should've been done long ago, back when 'vacuum' tupes
>>were 'high tech'.
>>>Two fingers, placed 'just right' and the wiggly-discharge line
>>>reverberates back and forth.
>>>It was easy to see the underpinning energy-exchange dynamics,
>>>and waining, in which the 'snapping' back and forth between my
>>>tips derived.
>>The overall energy flow can also be measured in the above
>>[just as it can be in the little 'squirts' of the shampoo
>>that I discussed here in b.n in long former msgs].
>>>"Why can't anybody else see this?"
>>Folks 'closed the patent office' after they attained consensus [via
>>groupwise TD E/I-minimization with respect to
>>calculational-convenience :-] that all energy is 'quantized',
>>thereby, 'agreeing' to 'move away from' Truth with respect to
>>physical reality - in a "see no evil" kind of way :-]
>>>It's all right-there-to-see.
>>>I was very tempted to go to the ATM and extract the $39.95
>>>price of the thing, so that I could 'play' with it in the dark of
>>>tonight at home - but that'd've cost me a week's Life, so I left
>>>on the shelf, sayi[n]g to myself, "I'll tell the others to take a
>>>at thes[e] dynamics."
>>>Which is what I'm doing here.
>>>Look quietly, and you'll See what's in-there.
>>K. P. Collins

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