Mockingbird & Rose Bushes & the Plasma Thingy

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins k.p.collins at
Thu Nov 21 00:29:47 EST 2002

No, I'm not 'angry'. I'm just 'feeling' all that's 'gone' from my
Life, because I Chose to do NDT & TH.

It's 'hard'. I've not the option of being 'sweet' so as to 'curry
favor'. If I did so, the central 'point' of the theories would slip
right by folks - that =everyone= is Victimized by 'the beast' - there
are no 'elites'.

So, Truth must be taken Whole, and be just plainly-stated.

And in that last task, derives my End.

Folks'd rather allow me to die than talk to me :-]

Because I've given my Life over to doing this stuff on behalf of the

It's 'interesting', isn't it?

It's all been so Savage - the continual 'attacks' which routinely
'ended' any discussions I was trying to develop.

I thought a lot about what I could've done differently in the face of
such, but there was nothing I could've done because the Jackasses
would just come and poke their 'sticks' into my 'cage' - and any good
'hearts' around just didn't want to get caught-up in such.

Then 9/11 happened, and it's been I'm a walking dead man. There's
been very little of the former Jackass stuff, and I've been Grateful
for that, but it's still hard 'discussing' with one's self.

The thing I hit on, though, is that I wish there had been someone who
said something like, "Look, Ken, it's obvious that there's a lot of
heat being generated, so I'll work with you, and you and I, together
can just ignore the jackasses. I'll stay with you until both of us
are satisfied one way or the other."

You know... an interactive dynamic that'd've been a 'safe harbor' for
the difficult stuff that had to be discussed.

Instead, I've worked through the fundamentals that were left to be
discussed, giving them freely, and, now, the silence'll get deadly
real fast.

'Ironic', isn't it?

I did what needed to be done, yet I'm 'ostracized' by all - the more
I do, the more 'ostracized' I become.

So I just did it.

If anyone wants to understand what it's been like, think of a horror
flick in which you walk in there and witness folks existing under the
control of some sinister form of 'mind control' which results in them
doing stuff that leads to death and destruction all around them, and
when you try to fight your way through the action of the 'mind
control' stuff, they turn on you, casting you off to die.

How does one deal with such 'gracefully'?

And, still, that is, turn off the 'mind control' stuff?

So I just turned it off.

Your Grandchildren will bring flowers to my grave.


I'm not going to be able to afford to be buried :-]

You know... why all the 'feigning-of-ignorance'?

What good has such accomplished.

All it's done is hold open the option of quietly letting me die.

Pretty much the ultimate act of Cowardice, no?

Slaying the one who laid down his Life for you, anyway.

And what am I doing here?

Just trying to reach folks with a point about how, when there's a
need for action, the thing to do is act.

Don't follow the 'lead' of the Coup-Fo who act ^ -1.

Gusee I'll be winding-down.

K. P. Collins

K. P. COllins

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