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"Technology Stocks Rally, as Nasdaq Nears 6-Month High", By JONATHAN FUERBRINGER

"Technology stocks have been the power behind the equity rebound that began Oct. 9, after the overall market had fallen to a five-and-a-half-year low. The two broad technology sectors in the S.&P. 500 stock index have climbed more than 38 percent since then."

© 2002, by The New York Times.

Get it?

Check your calendars.

"No Belle".

It's been so 'interesting', over the years, to cross-correlate macroscopic 'stock market' dynamics with whether or not I'm logged-on.

Basically, when I'm logged-on, the 'stock market' has 'gone-up', and when I'm logged-off, the 'stock market' has gone down. There've been some anti-correlated periods [basically, when I've addressed 'stock market' dynamics directly], but anyone who goes over the historical data can see for themselves.

It's like, folks 'find-nerve', or lose it, with respect to such.

It's all so 'interesting'.

My view on this correlation is that folks're 'taking-advantage' of the info I supply to 'get in on the ground floors' of 'businesses' that'll 'seek-profits' through the implimentation of this or that info that I post.

The net effect, for me, has been 'that sinking feeling' because I understand that such 'behind-the-scenes' actions will be accompanied by commensurate 'moving away from' acknowledgement of the stuff that I do.

It's 'hilarious' to watch this stuff unfolding.

Folks 'think' that all it comes down to is that I'm some "wanting-to-be-'famous'" guy, and that the only consequences of their 'behind-the-scenes' stuff will be that such'll just not happen.

But that's not it.

The Consequences inherent are that Truth is 'moved away from', and, when Truth is 'moved away from', Truth determins everything, in antoginistic-proportion to the degree that Truth is, in fact, 'moved away from'.

'Course, there's a consequence specific to me - it is, rather than 'fame', I simply want to be able to feed and shelter myself.

And it's been 'hilarious' - the work I do is routinely usurped, yet no body(?) comprehends why I 'resist' such?

Do an experiment: Take 100% of your salary, and give it to strangers every payday.

In the condition that'll result within your personal circumstances, you'll gain some comprehension with respect to what I've experinced over this long course of years.

The only difference has been that I've done the work, and others've 'taken the paycheck'.

And what's 'hilarious' is that there's no one who'll allwo me some remnant with which I can survive :-]

It's like, if anyone allows the smallest return on the work I do, the whole 'behind-the-scenes' house of cards'll collapse :-]

It's all so 'hilarious'.

I do the work be-cause it needs to be done, and because I can do it, =not= 'because' I've reason to 'expose' folks.

What's 'hilarious', though, is that, the more all of this transpires, the more I'm Obligated to do what folks 'fear', simply to fulfil my Obligation with respect to Science - and everything that's, supposedly, 'behind-the-scenes' becomes self-disclosing.

Sad cheers,

k. p. collins
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