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"Vaccine Appears to Prevent Cervical Cancer", By DENISE GRADY

Quoting from the article:

"Merck Research Laboratories, a unit of Merck & Company"

HURRAH! This is what to do with molecular Science, not the sorts of things that 'take advantage' of 'normal' folks' naivete with respect to 'psycho-active' substances, and only muck-up the 'engineered'-in Beauty that's right-there in nervous systems.

Quoting from the article:

"The vaccine described today was made to test whether people could be made immune to only one type of the cancer-causing virus, which causes 50 percent of cervical cancers. That vaccine is not the one that Merck hopes to market, company officials said. Merck is already testing a new version designed to work against multiple virus types, preventing 70 percent of cervical cancers, but it will not be ready for several years, a company scientist said."

Be careful, here, 'discrete' instances of viruses differentially-exploit the 3-D unifying energydynamic. Don't inadvertantly introduce a "tuning-precision void" within such by trying to over-generalize a an energydynamic-tuning treatment approach.


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