On so-called 'quantum entanglement'

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On 22 November:

"In 1963 President John Kennedy assasinated in Dallas."

"In 1906 the International Radio Telegraphic Convention adopts 'SOS' as the new call for help."

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Although this msg is not 'threaded', it is a sequential continuance in-topic.

Anyway, the image at:


literally constitutes a Proof of Tapered Harmony's position as it was briefly discussed in my prior post in this thread. When one goes deeper into the details, the Proof only gets stronger. For instance, one can actually See, right-there in the Table of Isotopes [TOI] data, the onset and offset of the energy-'trapping' dynamics, inherent in the SSW<->UES harmonics, as they rigorously correlate to the natural abundances of the isotopes - as they rigorously correlated to the physical existence of matter.

I sent the paper out more than 16 months ago, but have, as yet, not heard back on it [perhaps because I just dashed it off because my Father got 'uncomfortable' when I'd work through the night at my computers. So, although it's stuff is elegant, the paper itself is not an 'elegant' paper. I'm hoping that this little paper will win opportunity to do an 'elegant' paper.]

But Tapered Harmony's position stands Proven. Some might recall that I got permission to use a Friend's Inet ID to post a msg with respect to this Proof somewhere around thie 'time' a 'year' ago.

Other matter: The headache - its stuff seems to be a bit serious. Seems to be a chemically-induced binary phenomenon. It wasn't the "disappearing pickles" [nor the 'disappearing quanta' :-]. It seems to be correlated with an inadvertant error that handed me a brand of cigarettes other than the one I asked for, and its effects were, IMO, profound.

I noted such when I retired for the night. I was looking forward to finishing reading The Four Feathers, because I just 'knew' that Ethne and Harry were going to make it, and I needed to 'go along for the ride'.

When I read, I make marginal notes, often using symbols that've special meanings to me. One of these is a "heart". I use it in a g'zillion ways, and I'd become pretty good [if I do say so myself :-] at drawing nicely symmetrical "hearts" with just the right concavity going up from the bottom 'point'.

But, last night, although I 'struggled' to do so, I could not draw a symmetrical "heart".

I'm monitoring my 'recovery', but it presently seems that I had a chemically-induced stroke that's impacting some bilateral [callosum-mediated(?)] functionality. [I long ago 'discussed with' others the probability of this sort of 'binary' stuff.]


"dit, dit, dit    dah, dah, dah    dit dit dit"

K. P. Collins
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