On so-called 'quantum entanglement'

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Not comprehending the SSW<->UES 'compression'-'expansion' harmonics nature of 'atoms', folks've presumed, erroneously, that there's 'randomness' inherent within these 'atom'-to-'atom' interaction dynamics, but there exists exactly zero 'randomness'. All such interactions are 100% Deterministic. 



Be-cause the energy-surround just flows.

When the energy 'density crosses a threhold, the SSW<->UES harmonic that's, then' nearest to its own energy-'containment' threshold will 'feel' the energy-surround's 'containment' threshold being crossed, and the SSW<->UES harmonic will 'decay'. It's all Deterministic, depending solely upon energy-density in the energy-surround, which is just the one overall-downhill energydynamic at a locus in 3-D 'apace'.

>From 'qm's perspective, there's an illusion of 'uncertainty' and 'randomness' because, having non-existent 'quanta' imposed upon it, 'qm' cannot calculate the Deterministic Physical reality.

All of this stuff is just a reiteration of my former discussions of Truth's one map, and how it can be followed, and how it correlates to the TD E/I-minimization dynamics which integrate [unify] neural information processing dynamics within nervous systems.

Don't be 'frightened' by the Determinism.

There're many local minima, so there's a need to 'go against the grain' over the relatively-short term.

In other words, Free Will remains, and it's still necessary to Choose - while knowing of the relatively long-term Determinism imbues Choice with Hope, and, with patient endurance, Promise.

K. P. Collins
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