On so-called 'quantum entanglement'

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Sat Nov 23 03:41:10 EST 2002

Anyway, it should be becoming clear, by this 'point' in this discussion that the presumptions of the 'groaners' are unfounded - the 'Difficult entanglements' are not of the the type they presumed.

All I'm doing is unravelling what needs to be unravelled [albeit, with some 'groaning' of my own because the costs of the prevailing delay - the lost decades, with all their attendant Savagery 'blindly' and automatically inflicted upon Humanity - are right-there obvious to me as I discuss. When will the subject matter just be treated as the subject matter? How much longer will there be only 'delay'? Let my 'groanings' be your cost-meter. I'm just trying to reach 'you' with such - to let 'you' See that what 'you' Choose is right-there in the Savagery, one way or the other, with respect to its unfolding. My 'groaning', and that of all those who Suffer, declares the Savagery, and  'moves toward' ending it. How does 'yours' 'move' with respect to such?]

Please don't be 'offended'. It's just in what's necessary if 'you' are to See, See?

"But what if we don't want to see?"

Then, through 'your' Choice, the Savagery will continue, only augmenting, as Human interactive dynamics increasingly 'rub-up-against' one another.

This's Truth with respect to the one Deterministic energydynamic that unifies physical reality.

The only Choice is to 'move toward' or 'move away from' this Truth [within such Choice, the range of directionalities is infinite, so Free Will remains].

Truth's Consequences follow Deterministically.

All the directionalities, inherent, are not a priori mapped, but the means to follow Truth's one 'map' has been presented to 'you'.

No brainer?

k. p. collins
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