On so-called 'quantum entanglement'

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In other words, in the case of any physically-real 'detector', 'detection' can only be driven by a physically-real energy-flow, and, in this flowing of energy, the energydynamics of that which is 'observed' are altered. i.e. the quantity of energy that flows from a wave dynamic into the driving of a detector elevates, relatively, the energy-threshold of the wave dynamic. As per the prior [2nd post in this thread] discussion, the wave dynamic remains continuous, but be-cause of the energy that flowed out of the wave dynamic into the driving of the detector, the wave dynamic's energy-threshold is absolutely weakened, and further detection can only occur through the use of a more-sensitive [less-energy-diverting] detector.

Physical reality is all waves - all continuous energy-flow, but there's an illusion of 'discrete events' because of these energy-thresholding dynamics.

Examples with respect to the above are all so-called [Sorry] "single 'photon' 'measurements' - why, for instance, 'dots' appear upon a photographic emulsion [the detector] in "double-slit" experiments. The waves still pass as waves, but their energy-thresholds are weakened [absolutely], so there's only the one 'point' that can drive the photographic-emulsion detector.

The continuous energy-flowing that is the wave dynamic goes on it's merry way, the only thing changed being it's weakened energy-threshold.

'qm' has been 'blind' to all of the energy that's left in the weakened-energy-threshold wave dynamic.

You 'doubt'?

Get a more-sensitive detector, and do the experiment again.

Cascade detector sensitivities [of course, in a way that doesn't, otherwise, obstruct the wave dynamic.

You know?

This's just photographic ASA stuff - cheap video camcorder vs. expensive video camcorder - retina vs. night-vission goggles - etc., stuff.

Physical reality is all 'just' waves.

If so, then whence comes material rigidity? Why don't we fall through any floor upon which we venture to walk?

To understand this, return to the discussion of the plasma-globe thing.

Rigidity with respect to the spherical standing waves of the SSW<->UES harmonics is exactly analogous [translating between the different Geometries and inherent power] to the relative-rigidity of the fine threads as they are pressed into their fine-threadedness by their in-system energy-surround.

It's just that, be-cause of the quantity of energy that's 'trapped' within them,the SSW<->UES harmonics are really 'jacked-up' by the action of their energy-surround, and, when the energy-surround acts upon collections of SSW<->UES harmonics, the collections are imbued with exactly-analogous [translating between the different Geometries and inherent power]  macroscopic rigidity.

So the wave dynamics comprising the floor upon which we walk are macroscopically-hardened - and it's the one overall-downhill energydynamic that accomplishes all of this.

k. p. collins
    Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
    "Observing" alters "Observation" be-cause nervous systems [and their host organisms] are one with the overall energydynamic, and be-cause of this, nervous systems' functioning operates upon the energydynamic extension into the non-nervous-system physical reality, altering the energy-flow.
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