On so-called 'quantum entanglement'

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Sorry, forgot the 'punchline'.
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    In what's referred to as "superconductivity", all that's happening is that the cooling apparatus sets up an energy-gradient with respect to the energy-surround [the c[o]oling apparatus sucks energy out of the "superconducting["] material], and the energy-surround [in Tapered Harmony "Universal Energy Supply"; UES] just follows this energy gradient, flowing into the "superconducting" stuff.
    Subseguently, current applied to the "superconducting" stuff just goes along with the UES-flow, down the same at-vacuum-relative-to-the-energy-surround energy-gradient.
    "Superconductivity" achieved in this way will never be free.
    The way to tap into the energy-surround is through strategies like I proposed in another thread [along with an earthquake-detection apparatus], by using periodic 'gravitational' deformation of Earth's crust to drive piezoelectric UES-sponges.
    This isn't free. What's been referred to as "gravity" is doing this periodic work anyway.
    The thing to do is to look for such opportunities within physical reality where work done by the UES is being allowed to go to waste.
    [Just don't try to do it by hanging wires from satellites :-]
    The piezoelectric approach is 'primitive'. I expect that, as Tapered Harmony catches on Young minds will do True-Wonder stuff with respect to the UES.
    K. P. Collins
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