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"Whose Hands Are Dirty?", By BOB HERBERT

Quoting from the Column:

"The politicians with their hands out and the fat cats with plenty of green to spread around have carried the day. Nothing is too serious to exploit, not even the defense of the homeland during a time of terror."


"Lyn Redwood put together an advocacy group, called Safe Minds, for parents struggling with the thimerosal issue. They're at a slight disadvantage, wielding a popgun against the nuclear-powered influence of an Eli Lilly."

[© 2002, by The New York Times.]

Again, it cannot be that Innocents impacted by Science's having gone down a learning cul de sac are dismissed with something like a collective "Whoops! Sorry about that."
There are Lives involved.
Everyone has Responsibility within such dynamics to work-together for the Common Good - not 'profits', not 'retribution', not self-protective 'abandonment'.

K. P. Collins
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