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"Panel Calls for High-Tech Warning System", By PHILIP SHENON

Quoting from the article:

"`We believe that the new Department of Homeland Security should take responsibility for leading development of a national all-hazard public warning architecture,` the group said. `The need for such a system is considered extremely compelling.`"


"The group's report, which grew out of a conference among the emergency managers last June, noted that the federal warning system known as the Emergency Alert System was a vestige of the cold war and had been `designed to allow the president to warn the entire nation of major events such as an incoming enemy missile with a nuclear warhead.`"

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When the bullets are in the air, it's too late.

Rather, the early-warning system that needs to be developed consists in studying news reports that're commonplace-available, studying trends, and taking proactive action with respect to such - long prior to bullets being in the air.

You know... read, listen, view, understand, listen to your 'heart'. Take action - sound the alarm, with plenty of 'time' during which others can take action to obviate the needlessness of their ever being any bullets in the air.

This's what NDT's understanding is all about.

It's a 'high-tech warning system' that comes from the 'heart', and understanding 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization within it.

I mean, what good is knowing a 'nuclear' missle is incoming?

Goodness is in eliminating the 'blindly'-automated Savagery, on all 'sides', that'd launch it.

You know?'s just common sense to do the necessary work up-front, long before the bullets are in the air.

You know - use your ol' noggin' labs.

K. P. Collins
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