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Mon Nov 25 17:03:08 EST 2002

"Finances of U.S. States Called Worst Since World War II", By ROBERT PEAR

This article provides sad insights into the 'priveledged' attitude that's gained ascendency within U. S. 'politics'.

Look and see, the "house divided" addressed in AoK's Epilogue is right-there, plain to see.

The 'politicians' exist within their 'bubble', and the Citizenry exists in theirs, and, as far as the 'politicians' are concerned, "never the twain shall meet".

When considering such, one recalls Lincoln's lament with respect to "the domineering spirit which holds, `You work, and I'll eat`", and it's particular Sorrowful that, in our current situation, it's our elected leadership that is the refferant of Lincoln's Lament.

[It's also, BTW, another instance of the groupwise interactive 'spherical' standing wave dynamics that I discussed re the stuff of a book review, in this thread, today. Look and see the 'bubbles' of PTOFA rubbing-up-against each other, and the 'leadership' just solitifying its protective coccoon, as the 'energy-surround [comprised of the Citizenry, and its needs] goes, increasingly, to disorder unexperienced since WWII.]

Sad cheers,

K. P. Collins
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