On so-called 'quantum entanglement'

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The Compton data do not need to be "reorganized" - they just need to be reinterpreted, just as they are - they are the SSW<->UES harmonics. Period.

They describe the SSW<->UES Geometry precisely via a simple coordinate-system translation from the data table iproduced by the experiment nto the spherical Geometry that's described in Tapered Harmony.

K. P. Collins
    Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
    Compton's scattering results from 1923 just trace the SSW<->UES harmonics.
    See R. A. Serway's Physics for  Scientists & Engineers with Modern Physics, Third Edition, 1990, ISBN: 0-03-031353-8, p1155.
    The traces in fig. 40-10b show the scattering results at 0, 45, 90 and 135 degrees.
    0 deg. - a narrow 'normal' distribution.
    45 deg. - a distribution that's a bit broader, having two small peaks, one for wl0 and a slightly-higher peak for wl1.
    90 deg. - a distribution that's much broader, having two larger, more separated peaks, one for wl0 and a significantly-higher peak for wl1.
    135 deg. - a distribution that's much broader still, having two still-larger, still-more separated peaks, one for wl0 and a significantly-higher peak for wl1.
    Reorganize these results with respect to Tapered Harmony's SSW<->UES harmonics view, and it becomes vividly-clear that they, literally, trace the harmonics.
    In fact, if the Compton scattering experiment is redone to contemporaneous precision, the data it yields will disclose the full 'compression'-'expansion' extents of the harmonically-varying spherical Geometry, and the rate of variation of that spherical Geometry - in other words, the whole 'picture' of the SSW<->UES harmonics :-]
    The mis-take made by Physics, in 'blindly' and automatically accepting such 'ancient' experimental results, and attempting to construct its future upon them is the mis-take in which so-called 'quantum weirdness' derives, and through which so-called 'quantum weirdness' has been inflicted upon Humanity.
    That sounds 'condemning', but it's not. If one Loves Physics, one just does what's necessary to ensure that Physics is, in fact, physical reality, taken pure - one does not allow Physics to long remain in Error.
    Again, just as it's been in Neuroscience, the problem in Physics has been the giving of short shrift to Student's training in the fundamentals of the Science - the pillars upon which it stands - because the view that's handed down via coersed-consensus is that, "All that stuff is just history. It's all settled, and therefore boring, and you just have to get a passing grade with respect to it, so you can, then go on to do real physics."
    Truth is, within any Science, everything that's, supposedly, been 'resolved' already must be hammered upon in the light of contemporaneous understanding, gone over, Errors and short-sightedness rooted out, and corrected and filled-in.
    Doing so is just good, and absolutely-necessary practice within Science, no?
    Anyway, rather than 'proving' the existence of so-called [Sorry] 'quanta', the Compton scattering data, literally, discloses the SSW<->UES 'compression'-'expansion' harmonics that are described by Tapered Harmony and which are being discussed in this thread - that is, the Compton scattering data, literally, constitute a 'weighing' of the energy-surround.
    In the future [the very-near future, I hope], the Compton experiment will be redone to modern precision. When it is so redone, it's results will set the standards for all other experimental results in all of Physics, be-cause all results in Physics derive in the SSW<->UES harmonics, be-cause all the SSW<->UES harmonics derive in the one overall-downhill energydynamic that permeates the universe.
    These resuts will disclose the SSW<->UES Geometry and its variation, for the full spectrum of elements and their isotopes, and 'weigh' the UES precisely yielding one UES value regardless of the target stuff.
    From this dataset, everything else that can be done by Physics will be rigorously disclosed.
    This one experiment, done whole-'heartedly' is 'just' that meaningful.
    If anyone wants a Consultant, I'll accept the position [I work cheap - food, roof, office supplies, and a little spending money so I can afford to keep up with my favorite Movie Star - and for Love of Science :-]
    K. P. Collins
        Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
        Compton scattering?
        It occurs as a function of the SSW<->UES harmonics be-cause reboundability varies with the harmonics' phase, yielding a characteristic rebound range with respect to relative-'compression' of any SSW<->UES harmonic as the projectiles interact with the sufficiently 'compressed' phase 'on average' [the 'averaging' occurs as a function of 'time' differentials on the projectile side of the apparatus with respect to the Deterministic SSW<->UES harmonics. So the 'averaging' is illusory.]
        Remember, the Geometry of SSW<->UES harmonics varies with phase.
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