BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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We should add that exactly the same JEWS who were behind the destruction of
Germany are now behind the destruction of the US, AND they were the same
JEWS who were behind the destruction of Russia.

John Knight

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> My my, what a fascinating thread. Containing references to everything
> from amateur radio to miscegenation. Spiced with misogyny misanthropy
> racism anti-Semitism, running the full gamut from indecorous secular
> and or pagan bias and profane anti Christian hate, to equally
> indecorous expressions of supposed sanctified sectarian dogmatism of
> pseudo orthodox faux Christian anti secular and or anti pagan hate. It
> seems to me that belief in, or adherence to, any doctrine of any kind,
> can be construed as religion.
> I believe I perceive a pointless argument, enjoined by some with much
> time for usenet.
> Please allow me to present to you, a new object of controversy.
> Natasha
> 911. A Stratagem of Hidden Architects, of the Third Reich?
> Who is really behind the coming war for oil, and what are they up to?
> I know this question must be running through the minds of at least
> some people. Surely everyone has not accepted "the official
> explanation". At least I hope not.
> To me the whole 911 thing just doesn't feel right. I am sure I am not
> alone. Even the date chosen for the attack, 911, is rather pat you
> must admit. Another thing, the entire post 911 "threat of the Arab
> world" thing is really mushrooming. All of this, for me, brings both
> the Reichstag fire and the early beginning of the Holocaust to mind.
> At first it was just an eerie similarity. But now I am convinced that
> there is something remarkably more than similar taking place.
> The Reichstag fire galvanized the German public's support of Nazi
> aggression. However it is believed by many to have been set by
> Hitler's men, for just such a purpose and in order to justify their
> invasion of Poland before the world community. It was blamed by the
> Nazi's on communist Polish Jews. All so very timely and convenient, so
> pat, wasn't it?
> The Nazi war machine geared up to carry out the aggressive plans of
> the Reich. Their version of a Defense Planning Guideline was radically
> amended, to one of clearly aggressive self interest. Somehow unseen
> before the very eyes of the German people. Their government rapidly
> changed into something monstrous.
> Through media reports of acts of terrorism blamed on convenient
> targets, and grossly  sensationalistic reportage of events overseas.
> The German people were convinced that aggression was self defense.
> They were by cunning manipulation of their own fears and prejudices,
> seduced by evil and themselves transformed, into good citizens of an
> evil fascist state bent on world conquest. To this very day, those who
> so adored Hitler will swear, they had no idea what he was really
> about, or what was happened to their Jewish doctor.
> Could what happened in Germany then, be happening here now? Are there
> or were there, hidden architects of the Holocaust, who were secretly
> behind the Third Reich all along?  If so are they still around, and do
> they view WW2 as a lost battle, within a greater struggle they intend
> to finish?
> Consider the similarities I just mentioned, and the dark history our
> current President's family. For example the seizure of Nazi German
> banking operations in New York City, which were being conducted by
> Prescott Bush the grandfather of our current U.S. President. Which was
> ordered by the U.S. government on October 20, 1942.
> The government took over the Union Banking Corporation, in which Bush
> was a director, by authority of the Trading with the Enemy Act. Union
> Banking Corporation's stock, all of which was owned by Prescott Bush,
> E. Roland "Bunny '' Harriman, three Nazi executives, and two other
> associates of Bush, was seized by the U.S. Alien Property Custodian.
> To verify, see the office of Alien Property Custodian, Vesting Order
> No. 248. The order signed by Leo T. Crowley, Alien Property Custodian,
> which was executed October 20, 1942; F.R. Doc. 42-11568; Filed,
> November 6, 1942, 11:31 A.M.; 7 Fed. Reg. 9097 (Nov. 7, 1942). In
> addition see the volumes for the 1930s and 1940s of the New York City
> Directory of Directors (available at the Library of Congress). There
> is listed Prescott Bush as a director of Union Banking Corporation for
> the years 1934 through 1943.
> Yet if it is the Nazi's, why would they go after the Islamic people
> this time? They hated the Jews not the Islamic people. To put this
> question into perspective, first ask yourself these questions.
> Was the basis of the Nazi's hate for the Jews really ethnic in nature?
> Did they really believe their own propaganda? Did they really believe
> that the Jewish people, so accomplished in the arts and sciences,
> actually were inferior subhumans? How could they overlook that a
> supposed inferior race, are so well represented in the arts and
> sciences?
> Could it be that really the Nazi's only viewed them as a powerful
> obstacle to their plans for world conquest, and all the rest was just
> propaganda, taking advantage of long standing anti-Semitic prejudice
> to destroy them?
> I seriously doubt that most Nazi's actually believed that Jews were
> inferior, and I seriously doubt that the American Government really
> believes, that the Islamic people and Saddam Husein in particular,
> threatens world peace. Iraq and the Islamic world having control of
> the worlds oil supply, is merely an obstacle to their plans for world
> domination. They want their oil, and they are capitalizing on long
> held ethnic prejudice in order to get it.
> Please consider that both Jews and Arabs alike, having been around for
> a long time, both peoples being also very accomplished in the arts and
> sciences, are also large holders of significant economic, and cultural
> power. Talk about old money and heritage. Beyond that they are both
> Semitic peoples, being the descendants of Abraham. The Jews by Abraham
> through Sarah, and the Arabs by Abraham through Hagar. Both Jews and
> Arabs also hold to non secular theist tradition, or that really old
> time religion as it were. Could this present another problem for an
> emerging anti-theist secular empire, which shall we say, wishes to
> break from this tradition?
> No problem there right? Every aware liberal knows, that religion is a
> curse. Or so "they" have been telling us for so long, having blamed
> the worlds woes on belief in G_D.
> Now we have another thorny angle on this whole thing to consider.
> Religion, faith, belief, you know, that whole G_D thing. Well, they
> say there are no atheists in foxholes. Lately I have been feeling like
> we all live in one, or at least soon will be. But I confess that I
> have grave doubts, very grave doubts indeed, about the whole post
> modern assumption that belief in G_D, equates with embracing religion
> or a departure from reason and common sensem, and a step away from
> enlightenment.
> I just can't help but notice that the New Testament book of
> Revelation, does appear to paint a clear portrait of current events.
> At one time I dismissed people who said such things. With the
> presumption that the Bible is so vague, it could seem to apply to
> anything. I just ignored such things. I was astonished recently
> though, when I began to read the thirteenth chapter of Revelation. It
> does not seem vague like it once did to me.
> Let me just lay it out for you. Say the New World Order as George H.W.
> Bush termed it, seeks to gain control of the world economy. In order
> to accomplish this objective, they must unseat both current economic
> and cultural non secular or theist strongholds. The customary
> obstacles in the eyes of some, being the Jewish and Islamic people.
> Could say, a big war in the Persian Gulf accomplishes both of these
> objectives? The Gulf being the main source of OIL, which is the
> foundation of the global economy after all. Could a war there cause
> world economic collapse, if they aren't careful? Considering their
> hypothetical objective, of course they would be.
> A world depression caused in such a way, would enable the winner of
> the coming war to restructure the world economy, as they see fit
> wouldn't it? For the winner also will have control, of the basis of
> the world economy, which is OIL.
> Whoever controls the world economy will of course have unlimited
> political power, and therefor be able to unseat and destroy theist and
> non secular States. If they wanted to, of course they don't though,
> right? In controlling Oil completely, they could conceivably control
> the entire world, and everyone who lives in it.
> Now regardless of your faith or lack of one. Allow yourself please, to
> ponder as if you would any good ghost story or supposition about
> Nostradamus, the following.
> The Bible in the book of Revelation chapter 13, says the Antichrist,
> and the Second Beast who comes right after him, would do precisely all
> of this. The old Testament book of the prophet Daniel, also goes into
> great detail telling of precisely how the Antichrist, called by a
> different name, will gain control of all commerce world wide, and
> destroy all theist and non secular institutions and peoples. It says
> he will accomplish this, through the power he will gain, by waging war
> against and defeating the governments of the Persian Gulf States,
> thereby gaining control of their riches.
> Revelation chapter 13 states that there are two very powerful and evil
> men, whom it refers to as the Two Beasts, the Antichrist and the
> Second Beast. Revelation also states that the Antichrist is a human
> man, with great ability to speak. Such a persuasive orator, you could
> call him, say, the Great Communicator. It says also that the
> Antichrist is wounded mortally, and the world is astonished, that he
> yet lives.
> Then it says that he would be followed immediately, by the Second
> Beast. A man who has the same power and authority, and is the one who
> would cause the world to worship the image of the Antichrist who
> preceded him, and that he, the Second Beast, will cause all who live
> on earth to receive the number of the name of the man preceding him,
> the Antichrist, to be allowed to buy or sell anything at all.
> Revelation also says, the Second Beast who immediately succeeds the
> Antichrist, has a kind and gentle image like a lamb, but he talks like
> a dragon, and that the name of the Antichrist who comes immediately
> before him, sums out as 6 6 6 just by counting it. No numerology
> required.
> There is only one significantly powerful man in all of history, whose
> name sums out as 6 6 6 just by counting it. Now please count the
> number of letters in this former US President's name. RONALD WILSON
> He was unquestionably an image President. The most popular in US
> history, he was virtually worshiped by his many supporters. He was
> also referred to by many as the Great Communicator. He was mortally
> wounded in an assassination attempt, and despite his advanced age,
> against all medical odds survived it, and astonished the entire world.
> His immediate successor had a kind and gentle image. In fact George H.
> W. Bush, ran on the platform of "a kinder gentler America". Yet Bush
> talked tough of war and being harsh on criminals, and then he invaded
> Iraq. I rather doubt dragons if they existed, would do much cooing, or
> speak gently.
> Revelation also says, the entire world shall have to receive the
> number of the name of the Antichrist, in  their forehead, or in their
> right hand, to buy or sell.
> The Reagan administration expanded our Social Security numbers from 9
> to 18 digits, during Reagan's first administration. 18 = 3 x 6 or 6 +
> 6 + 6.  If you don't
> believe me, look at any post Reagan era Social Security card. There
> are the usual 9 digits on the front, and an addition 9 digits, on the
> back printed in red. You cannot legally have a job, or a bank account
> without it.
> The US Federal government has long said that eventually we will go
> cashless, and all transactions will be by debit card. By Federal law
> all electronic funds transfer accounts, debit cards etc., must use
> your Social Security account number, as your account number. Surely in
> response to terrorism, this plan shall move forward quickly. It is
> would be a very practical way to control crime and terrorism, I agree.
> Of course they need to gain control of the world economy to do this.
> Yet since oil is the basis of the world economy, could it be that is
> why they want this war in the Persian Gulf? Does it seem to you like
> they have gone to extraordinary lengths, even beyond reason, to make
> this war seem unavoidable?
> Natasha

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