BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Wed Nov 27 20:01:48 EST 2002

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> JDay123 at (Jd) wrote:
> >><Kennedy stood upon the seashore and uttered "as we came from the
> >><sea, so shall we one day return" (paraphrase).  With those
> >><idolitrous catholic words you have evolution and Ishtar the
> >><Babyonian goddess (Mother Earth, Queen of heaven, Mary) figure
> >><all rolled up into one.
> >>
> >>
> >>Since I wouldn't want to think this is so paraphrased as to
> >>verge on total fabrication, could you please give a source
> >>for this quote?  It's completely new to me.
> >
> >Sure. I saw him say that on TV about 10-15 years ago.
> Fascinating, since he was assassinated 39 years ago today.
> lojbab

Isn't it interesting that "liberals" seem to believe that everything they
see on TalmudVision is in real-time?

No wonder you have such troubles coming to grips with reality.

Here's a clue, lojbab--video tape.

Look that word up and tell us how you think it just MIGHT have been possible
that Jd DID see "him say that on TV about 10-15 years ago".

I'd bet you still can't set the timer on your VCR.  Or that you believe
anything recorded on your VCR requires everyone to say exactly the same
thing they said the first time it came out of your TalmudVision.


John Knight

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