men's rights in abortion?

Bob bobx23456 at
Thu Nov 28 12:25:14 EST 2002

michael at thelastchurch.borg wrote:

> On Thu, 28 Nov 2002 03:06:03 GMT, "John Jones"
> <enuffSPAM at nothanks.invalid> wrote:
>>That's the anti-abortion argument. So you're opposed to women
>>having a post-conception choice WRT to parenthood?

> Not at all.  If you ask me I would gladly give you seed.
> As long as you agreed not to charge me for raising it.
> Michael

That's disappointing.  I would like to think that men are more 
concerned about our children than that.

And remember, that even with her signed agreement you could still 
be sued and your money taken. Law in many places does not allow a 
mother to waive the "child's" right to have mom take dad's money.


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