men's rights in abortion?

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Thu Nov 28 15:11:10 EST 2002

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> Pope Dilbert wrote:
> > If a woman decides to give birth, the man shares some of the
> > responsibility - he has little to say about that responsibility.
> That's the current western political decision.  Women decide, men
>   are responsible.  Women get, men pay.  It isn't a fundamental
> decision of nature, just a political decision.  Other cultures
> have made other decisions and ours could do so too.
> Women, to be equal, need to be held responsible for their own
> decisions.  Blaming the nearest available man for a woman's
> decision is sexist and unfair.
> > When a woman gets pregnant, the man has no duties or responsibilities,
> > shares none of that burden.
> She only has "a woman's right to choose" whether to bear a child.
>   It's her decision and her moral responsibility for her decision.
> > The system is, by no means, fair .. and I see no way of making it fair
> > both (eventually three) parties concerned.
> Fair would be for each person to be responsible for his or her
> own decisions.  Fair would give equal rights and equal
> responsibilities to men and women.


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