BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

John Knight jwknight at
Thu Nov 28 17:45:36 EST 2002

"Jen Larson" <straycat at> wrote in message
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> Cassandra wrote:
> In the mean time you people are
> > shooting each other over road rage and similar incidents because you
> > are all too immature to *have* hand guns, so what do you think?
> I think they should have their RTKABA rescinded. I am a responsible gun
> owner and my rights are protected until I chose to act to have them
> rescinded.
> Should
> > the hand gun laws be rescinded now their original intention cannot be
> > fulfilled?
> For people who commit crimes with guns? Yes! For responsible citizens?
> NO! I think gun safety and operation should be a required HS class and
> all students issued guns at graduation with fingerprint triggers. The
> Constitution's intent is fullfilable: To protect against enemies foreign
> or domestic. Your JOB as a citizen is to protect the tenets which
> support your FREEDOM! Tie the noose tighter around your neck you deserve
> it you idiot, the only problem is you want my neck tied up as well! FUCK
> OFF! move to England or something!!!

Either re-write the US Constitution, or ".UCK OFF! move to England or
something!!!" yourself.

Here is the US Constitution:

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